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  1. And there it is ... this article is a must read !
  2. Carrot Cupcakes With Cream-Cheese Frosting

    WHOA !! There goes another artery !! 😂
  3. My Father's Centennial

    Thank you for sharing KReed ! My dad usually explained things in a different way , but the result was the same . I often think that in my short 67 years on this big blue marble I myself have seen a lot of amazing things ! Technologically speaking , that is ...
  4. Show Off Your Critters!

    Lord Amherst is showing off !!
  5. Show Off Your Critters!

    ALL OF THEM .... INDIVIDUALLY?? 😂 Do you know how hard it is to get 30,000 bee’s to hold still while they get pictures done !!
  6. Tomato seeds all planted ( thank you gratefulseedsaver ) All Heritage variety . Eggplant seeds in as well , now I need to make more flats to hold more peat pots . Just need to have a talk with the R&D manager about some slight changes in the next few box's ... oh yeah , that’s me 🤔! I am getting the bee’s ready for their ramp up as well so keeping busy isn’t a problem and I need a couple things from Lowe’s to work on the greenhouse but am resisting the urge ! PS , the Rhubarb is leafing up and I found a patch of Ramps ( spring onions ) that I transplanted a few years ago and man the are smelling good , think Shallots , only fresh and the greens are great with eggs etc . Yeah Spring is here !
  7. Me , I’m outside getting things ready for Spring ! Today is plant the ‘mater seeds I got from Gratefulseedsaver , getting them in a bit late but started nonetheless less . Lots of wood to be stacked , getting bee equipment ready for the soon to come nectar run , learning some new banjo tunes and guitars , just small things but not panic things . Looking optimistic about the next few months things ! Truth is , I’m one of those “ compromised “ people but my take is this , screw it , right now i’m alive and my family ( although I worry for them ) are healthy ( as long as one of them doesn’t fight with tree’s again ) so things are all good !
  8. Hell , I don’t even like it when I grill and Burn my regular chicken !
  9. LOL 😂, would be pretty nasty wouldn’t it ? The eggs are cream colored Shell , normal “ white and yoke “ . A few years ago I was at Tractor Supply , walking past the chicks a dad was explaining to his kids that the Black Sex Links produced Black eggs ... clenched my jaws and kept walking , quickly !! 😬
  10. Quilting

    That’s the way I see them Linda , treasures ! One in particular is in a storage container and I don’t dare take it out again . I rescued it when my mom passed and the siblings cleaned out her cedar chest where I had seen it as a child ... and that was a few days ago !! 😆
  11. Quilting

    Love me some quilts Linda , I have ones from Great Grandmother and Grandmothers . Such works of art and love !
  12. Random Chat

    Yeah ... been outside all day . Finished and delivered a duck pen down the road ... that got some looks from the neighbors 😂. Got all the pallets up from last years wood supply and used the big tractor and back blade to scrape that mess into the hedgerow . Now come to find out my good hard time rack has grown legs , it was a gift and not a cheap one to replace . It’s not anywhere here on the compound thats for sure ! Other than that it Was a nice day to get some stuff done .
  13. Hobby or (Obsession)???

    That ... is a Lot of Bike right there !!
  14. The Emotional Benefits Of Cooking

    Like you , a little Scotch Highball and some tunes and stand by for some creative cooking ! 😎
  15. Goat Chat

    Typical wintertime problem I believe . I used to use a couple drops of Ivermectin behind the rabbits necks , light spray over chickens backs while roosting , spraying chicken roosts etc after cleaning . Just a wintertime malady that Ivermectin treatments help . Have to ask , how is it administered to goats ? I used to concentrate on the rabbits ears with cotton balls and ivermectin , diluted of course .