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  1. Let The Talking Heads Roll

    This was the very topic that came to my mind when all the calls for "unity" were being repeated by (some of the same talking heads) in the past week. I have seen/heard pundits on both sides equate the opposing politician as an "existential threat" to the lives and livelihoods of the other side's supporters. Then they use that as a premise to argue that anyone who opposes their side is, by definition, actively and deliberately working to destroy them.
  2. My Father's Centennial

    Thanks to all for the kind reviews. I can’t say that (perhaps during particularly stubborn teenaged years) I wasn’t guilty of rolling my eyes at some of Dad’s assertions that my sisters and I had no idea “how fortunate we were”….but I do feel very fortunate to have had his perspective.
  3. Random Chat

    Is this at the Soil & Water place in Horseheads? We need bat boxes, too....I suppose they'll be back soon and this is the time of year to think about it.
  4. Does that include muscle (meat)? I prefer dark meat...but but but ummm.... And yeah...NOPE! Don't think I could handle that on my plate either.
  5. Random Chat

    You'd think that a driver would expect that the job delivering propane entails a lot of winter driving conditions in rural areas. If you lack the skill/experience to maneuver back and forth on unpaved driveways....maybe take a job in the city? Our propane tank can be reached from the road. Fortunately our driveway isn't very long...but it is steep. Between runoff snowmelt some natural springs, it gets a lot of ice buildup. And the 30+% grade is a challenge when slippery....so UPS and FedEx vans can make it - I neither can my little ol' car some days. This winter has abused it worse than usual. He's scraped and dug the ice down so much this year that the #2 underneath is about gone....so has already talked to the gravel guy to get a few loads down for us as soon as it's available.
  6. County Legislature Reimbursements Raise Concerns

    This has me outraged. There really is nothing more to add.
  7. How To Make Homemade Ice Cream

    When my girls were young, I would have them and the neighbor kids make "kick the can" ice cream. It's cheaper than an ice cream maker for sure, and it never hurts to get in 15 minutes of exercise! There are several variations. The one we used had a few Tbsps of instant pudding mix to help with thickening. https://www.funology.com/kick-the-can-ice-cream/ http://www.scoutorama.com/kick-the-can-ice-cream-recipe
  8. So You Want To Be A Farmer...

    We try to find local, organic and non-GMO choices and for the most part don't mind paying higher prices for it. He goes to Oak Hill a couple of times a month for the cheeses and breads (that only have 4 or 5 ingredients that are all easy to pronounce). We usually prefer the taste of more 'real' food over the cheaper mass-produced stuff. But it does get to be a struggle when the crap is handier, cheaper and more abundant. It doesn't help that the government agencies that approve and endorse the shortcuts and chemicals (that facilitate mass producing on the cheap) regularly tell the public that those low-cost measures are “just as good” as the traditional and natural methods of production. They would have you believe that the time, effort and money spent on getting the better stuff are the bigger “waste”…..and may point to an “orthorexia” diagnosis.
  9. Bookworms

    https://librivox.org/ offers a bunch of classics and titles that have been moved to public domain (so - free!) With my eyesight declining, I have recently been trying audiobooks.
  10. Cost Of Living, Taxes Impeding Your Goals?

    We have spent the last few years looking into cost of living and considering where we want to go when we leave New York in (hopefully) a few years. While my husband has never lived far from his Sothern Tier NY birthplace…..I moved a lot growing up. I’ve lived in different towns/cities in Kentucky, Iowa, Minnesota, Oklahoma and New York. My father put some thought into each relocation. After reviewing various publications at the public library that would rank places for cost and standard of living, he would subscribe to local newspapers and check the places out. There was a lot to learn there about a community. Was there crime in the headlines or community success stories? What were the availability/demand and going rates for housing, rentals, jobs in the classifieds? We have been making comparisons with different resources than Dad had access to. One site I like that covers much more than “cost” is Best Places. Things like weather, crime….and demographics that can show things that are more/less important to us than another family with different priorities. And shows direct city/city comparisons of each category: https://www.bestplaces.net/compare-cities/
  11. Considering all things “food” and “food labels” are under full and unfettered control of the FDA, perhaps she needs to contemplate supporting legislation to rein in all regulatory power. It’s nice that Senator Fischer recognizes that as a “lawmaker” she can participate in bypass the FDA and introduce bills that ensure one of her special interests gets fair treatment. Wouldn’t it be great if other industries had the benefit of being beholden only to laws drafted by duly elected “lawmakers” instead of appointed career regulators creating 20 “laws” on their own for every one “law” passed by actual “lawmakers”? https://www.forbes.com/sites/waynecrews/2017/08/15/how-many-rules-and-regulations-do-federal-agencies-issue/#53345e211e64
  12. Trail Cam Delights

    Oops.....Didn't see this posted over here
  13. Improving The City Of Elmira Must be Our Community's Top Priority

    The towns and villages north and further removed from the interstate have a lot of dilapidated infrastructure as well. Patches and band-aids are them norm up this way. When we finally got "new" repairs, it's practically a local tourist attraction. And that's usually after something has flooded so bad it's actually washed away. That's why I get the impression that the those investments seem to focus on the density of population and commerce.
  14. Improving The City Of Elmira Must be Our Community's Top Priority

    That's certainly true, although I think the focus there is likely a natural result of higher concentration of population/commerce - which is pretty much a direct result of higher traffic flow and proximity to I-86 (and to a lesser degree, Rt 14). Personally, I've often wondered why there isn't more than a porn shop and Vulcraft east of the Elmira exits. I guess I assumed the voters in those towns (Ashland, Lowman, Chemung, etc) must have supported zoning laws that excluded much else than residential/farming....while Horseheads/Big Flats rarely turn down a retail/commercial proposition. **Post Script: I've never thought the western towns growing retail at the expense of industry/manufacturing was a good idea. We need strong, long term good paying job opportunities with benefits. Relying on Schweizer's military boost as the primary industry was a short-lived gamble. And it was a good move for Chemung to welcome Vulcraft for that reason. However, a strong economy needs housing/retail to go along with those jobs. Otherwise, you have people working at Vulcraft, who live and shop in Horseheads/Big Flats.
  15. Improving The City Of Elmira Must be Our Community's Top Priority

    From the op-ed by Pucci: "The Chemung County Executive’s $166,273 salary is higher than that received by 41 of the nation’s 50 governors." There cannot be any reasonable excuse for that.