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  1. that was a very touching and informative article! One of the most wonderful people i met thru the pharmacy was an old timer named Milton Sydney! He was a wonderful person and a great supporter/friend/public servant to the town of Ashland! This story reminded me of him! :-)
  2. Heroes Of Yesterday

    i did not serve. love the poem! :-)
  3. Heroes Of Yesterday

    this might be my favorite poem so far Linda! beautiful!
  4. Our Local Whiskeys

    that was a fun read!
  5. Quilting

    as pretty as your poetry!
  6. "Damned Dogs"

    the problem with a dog is that it doesnt live long enough! -Mark Twain
  7. Star Wars Holiday Special

    did the wookie ever get home?
  8. The Master Tailor

    beautiful poem Linda! :-)
  9. I'll Be There...

    be there or be square! :-) very nice Linda!
  10. wow, what a great read! thanks!
  11. Music & Memories

    Ok...im there next show (that is close). any suggestions?
  12. Music & Memories

    its always a real high energy and very fun experience (for the whole family) to hear you and the band play. it certainly Aint no "sit down" music!
  13. 200 Years In Time: The Lowman Family Clock

    Detailed accounts about local history with familiar names....so enjoyable to read and learn about! beautiful clock too! Kudos to the late George Lowman Howell for donating such an awesome gift! Very generous! Thanks for posting this!