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  1. Let The Talking Heads Roll

    I don’t believe the talking heads have any idea of what unity truly means. For them unity = power and control.
  2. My Father's Centennial

    Enjoyed reading this very much. Young people today don’t understand the knowledge and wisdom older people can share.
  3. Our car hasn’t moved since last Monday. I will admit I can’t stop wondering “do we need this or that” but so far I’m staying at home. For my peace of mind I am limiting how much news I watch. I know this is serious but the news feeds leave me feeling overwhelmed at times. That doesn’t work well with anxiety lol. Yesterday I scrubbed the tub and shower walls with my handy dandy battery operated long handle scrubber with brush attachments. Today it will be flip the mattress, read a little bit, work on my new hobby doing Pysanky (Russian Easter eggs) and just general putting around the house. Hubby had a Dr.’s apt. tomorrow but the office called to reschedule, they are not seeing patients due to the Covid virus. Would do a telephone conference if Hubby wanted. Still thinking about that one.
  4. Hubby and I also don’t eat out much so not a problem. Will stick close to home and only necessary trips like to pharmacy will be made. Luckily half our prescriptions are filled three months at a time so only a couple require monthly refills. Lots of soap and hand washing. My youngest grandson now sings the birthday song while washing his hands lol. I am dealing with a cough, headache and very minor sore throat that comes and goes, not sure if it’s anything so no hugs just in case. Hubby and I have had “that talk” in the past but we need to talk again. I have always taken care of Hubby’s medications so the other day wrote down his morning and evening medication routine for him. Praying and working on my new hobby helps keep me centered.
  5. The Emotional Benefits Of Cooking

    Just ask Hubby, my interest in cooking these last couple weeks is at zero. Chris, do you do take out?
  6. Rigatoni Meatball Soup

    Will definitely have to try this.
  7. Random Chat

    Happy first day of February. No real plans for today. Might try a new bread recipe. Went digging into a closet last night and found a couple cress stitch and embroidery projects I started years ago and never finished. They are now by my chair to work on now and then.
  8. Loretta Lynn Declares Country Music Is "Dead"

    I also believe Loretta Lynn’s type of country music is dead. When listening to country music you could always identify the singer by their voice. Today they all sound the same. I think bluegrass and gospel is going the way of the Dodo too.
  9. Plated And Ready To Serve

    I have never prepared Shepherd’s Pie but would like to try. Was shopping at Wegman’s this morning and I believe it was in the European isle I saw a packet of Shepherd’s Pie seasonings. I wish I had read label to see what spices were in it or bought the packet.
  10. Random Chat

    Even I’m ready for Spring. I’m tired of this half way Winter, mild/cold/snow/rain. It’s bad enough dealing with mud in Spring but it seems like we’ve had mud since Fall.
  11. Are You A Locavore?

    When buying frozen vegetables I check to see where produced. If it’s Mexico or points further south I don’t buy. I’m not sure about those countries use of pesticides.
  12. Loaded Baked Potato Soup

    This looks delicious and recipe seems so easy. Will have to try this.
  13. Random Chat

    Our son found a tick on his Irish Wolfhound last night. I wish we would get winters that are real winters, cold and snow.
  14. Random Chat

    New Years Eve and nothing special planned. Had a hankering for egg salad so that’s made and in the fridge chilling. Starting to put some Christmas decorations away. Our tree will stay up through Little Christmas, maybe Russian New Years. My paternal grandparents celebrated then so I like to leave our tree up as a memory of them and that time of my childhood. Happy New Year.
  15. For a while I was stocking up on things for a “ just in case” situation. I can’t remember why I stopped. Maybe I figured if all my family wasn’t with me, why bother.