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Keep Guiding Me

Linda Roorda


It usually helps to have a guide, a map, or simple written directions for the journey ahead.  Without those directions, I don’t know how we’d arrive at any given destination… because I, for one, cannot imagine going on a trip without explicit directions! 


Since I don’t have one of those talking directors on my dashboard, like a Garmin or TomTom, and wouldn’t trust them anyway because I’ve heard about the mistakes they make, I carefully write out my directions - line by line, of each road and turn I need to take.  And then fret and worry until I arrive… have I gone too far, did I miss a turn, are we there yet, it should be right here…! 


So imagine being lost in a big city.  Stopping to ask a passerby where to find your destination, you hear, “Go to the second light, turn left and go three more blocks, turn right, now go several blocks till you see the church on your left and turn right there.  Go four more blocks, cross a bridge, go two more blocks and then take the next left…”  “Ummm, I’m afraid you’ve lost me.  Can you say that again?”  “Hey, I have a better idea!  I’ll drive you there!  Hop in my car.”  And off you go.  It helps to have someone show you the way, doesn’t it?!  (paraphrasing Chuck Swindoll in a sermon, 11/24/19)


This poem came from realizing that I need directions for life, someone to guide me… like the directions that come from reading God’s Word.  We used to enjoy listening in the evenings to tapes that Ed made in the morning of pastors on radio that we really like, Chuck Swindoll, David Jeremiah, Charles Stanley, and, for a time, Joyce Meyer.  They have so much to say in their practical application of Scripture, expounding on stories of the many biblical characters we have all come to love… folks who were so much like us in their failings, their good deeds, their sins, and their love for God – simply put, their humanity.  There is so much wisdom we can gain from studying their lives and the implications of all they’ve done… in the good, the bad, and the ugly, and in their confession to God and His gracious cleansing forgiveness.


Yet, so often I tend to think I can handle life on my own terms.  In reality I need help from the Lord to guide me on a better path.  Studying Proverbs in our church’s adult Sunday School class a while ago showed a wealth of wisdom to be gleaned and clung to.  I’ve read and studied this book in the past, with my favorite verse being, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make straight your paths.” (Proverbs 3:5-6)  But, isn’t it true that we often need a refresher course in trusting Him every step of the way?  I sure do!


From these initial thoughts came this little poem.  May it remind us that we need to look to our Lord to keep guiding our journey… daily, hourly, and every minute of the day…


Wishing you a Blessed and Happy New Year!


Keep Guiding Me

Linda A. Roorda

Keep guiding me, my Father, my God

For in this world it’s Your voice I seek

And in the stillness You gently speak

Words of wisdom that I might stand firm.


Lord, show me the way that I should walk

A better way with Your word as guide

A path of faith as Your truth I see

So all my steps bring honor to you.


May I be wise in using my time

Between the rising and setting of light

That all I do will honor and praise

The One who created this world I enjoy.


Yet so often I go my own way

Thinking I know how best to handle

Keep me from straying as you guide my feet

As I walk this path… this rocky course.


When pressures arise may I seek your face

Give me a heart that longs for You

A heart that is steadfast in trusting You

And in your presence find wisdom and truth.


Keep guiding me, Lord, on this path You prepared

That I may shine Your light to this world

A world in need, with no place to turn,

In search of grace and healing for wounds.


December 2014


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