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A Woman Unsurpassed

Linda Roorda


Looking forward to the weekend, I find that once I get there, the chores on my list seem to never end.  There’s no escape!  They need to be taken care of… though I’d much rather enjoy a respite with my hobbies – sewing, gardening, taking a walk, or just relaxing on a bench in my gardens enjoying nature's beauty and listening to the birds.  But, the demands of responsibilities like paying bills, laundry, cleaning, baking, etc. all take precedence over “play time”… which I then savor as my treat, like dessert, after the necessaries have been properly take care of.


Proverbs 31 and the excellent wife… a woman more valuable than the most beautiful and precious gem.  Her accomplishments in caring for her husband and family are deserving of great reward.  “A wife of noble character who can find?”  [Prov. 31:1 NIV]


This excellent and virtuous woman embodies all we could ever want or hope to be.  She not only excels in the care of her home and family, but she also excels outside the home in the business world.  Her husband trusts her completely, knowing that she has his good at heart.  And, with the knowledge of her support, he earns great respect in his own business arena.  The excellent wife and mother cares about her family as well as those in her employ.  She has wisdom, empathy and mercy… with a loving and discerning heart to meet their needs.  She provides for her family’s future; and, knowing all that she has done in advance, she can smile or even laugh at the hardships which will inevitably come. 


On the other hand, I am well aware that I simply don’t measure up.  Though I sure try, I so often fail.  On verbalizing my thoughts of failure to our Sunday School class while studying this chapter a while back, I discovered I wasn’t alone in those feelings.  But, Pastor kindly reminded us all that that is where God’s loving forgiveness and grace comes in… as we pick ourselves back up and try again with our Lord always at our side. 


Our excellent wife, or even a single woman, also embodies the wisdom found in the whole book of Proverbs, intended for each of us… a wisdom in its entirety which I do not have.  Left to my own devices, I revert back to thinking I can handle life all on my own, thank you very much.  But, knowing that I don’t measure up, Proverbs 31 reminds me whose wisdom and discernment I need to seek to guide me daily… even on a minute-by-minute basis.  And with my Lord’s guidance, I am more prepared to face the world and all of life’s demands.

An Excellent Wife

(Based on Proverbs 31)

Linda A. Roorda

An excellent wife is of matchless worth.

Priceless she is, more valued than gems.

Her husband trusts completely in her

And knows her heart as she gives her best.


She chooses well, her hands work with skill

She shops with knowledge to find the best deals.

She wakes before dawn her household to feed

Eager to serve those under her care.


She ponders wisely when purchasing land

And gains a profit from crops she has raised.

The money she’s earned in turn will be used

Grapevines to buy, others to employ.


With physical strength she tackles her tasks

She knows what to do and pitches right in.

She presents for sale her quality goods

To ensure her home no lack or need knows.


In one hand she holds the needs of her home

And with her fingers she carries out plans.

When storms descend her heart is fearless

For she’s prepared, her family protected.


Blankets she makes, fine clothing she sews

Remnants she uses, no wasting supplies.

Her crafts to sell, a profit to gain

That gifts she may give as others are blessed.


Her husband is admired by all those he meets,

As he holds a place among the respected.

Strength and dignity cover her well

She smiles with peace at trials to come.


In wisdom she rests when speaking her mind

Her instructing words show kindness and love.

She keeps her focus when running her home

That idle hands would not be her theme.


Her children observe her busy deeds

They praise her heart and bless her dear name.

With understanding her husband sees all

For he knows her heart and praises her worth.


In contemplating women of renown

She far exceeds whatever their fame.

For “charm is deceptive, beauty is fleeting”

But she who worships the Lord shall be praised.


02/18/15 – 02/20/15

All rights reserved.

May not be reproduced without permission of author.



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