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"If I Only Had The Time"

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You know how you’ve always talked about the things you would do if you “only had the time”?

What if suddenly you found you had the time to do them?

Would you sit on your couch all day, swiping aimlessly at the screen of your phone, reading the mindless drivel on Facebook? Look at pictures of other peoples’ meals and political views all day?

Would you argue with complete strangers and pseudo-celebrities on Twitter about things that really, in the grand scheme of things matter little?

Would you sit around all day watching TV, as the world and time goes on?

Shut off television. Deactivate your social media accounts and put your phone on silent mode. Those texts will wait. Better yet, shut it off for the day.

Get up early and get dressed every morning. No lounging all day in your pajamas. Go for a walk and see the world. Find inspiration in the world, the REAL world, around you like you used to. Hang out with your kids and do something with them. They’ve needed you and have been waiting for this moment as well.

Schedule time for those creative endeavors you’ve half assed all these years. Write, play music, paint… CREATE!

Get to those projects around the house you’ve wanted to do and do them well.

Do what you love, re-learn how to be the person you once were. The person you’ve always meant to be.

You have time. But you won’t always.


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