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Nick's Pub And Grille

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Chris    1,169

We went there last week for a get together. Located in the former Hanover Grille, they've done some work on the place, moving the bar into the former dining area and changing some of the seating. It looks good overall. 

It was busy for a weeknight, I was surprised as in the past it'd be kinda dead. 

The prices seemed to be cheaper than the former business. A couple people commented on that. I know the pitcher prices on beer were, by 3-4 bucks if my memory serves me right. 

I ordered a cordon bleau wrap, but when the food came out my order was wrong and it was a chicken Philly wrap. I was hungry and it sounded good, so I got it. It came with a side of chips, fries are extra. 

It tasted good, but was kinda small. More like a burrito than what you'd expect for a wrap ( a co-worker who has eaten there said the same thing the next day ). I was pretty hungry so that was a bit of a letdown. 

The wait staff were very friendly, always a plus. 

Overall I wouldn't give them a bad review, but unless I was meeting someone there, I probably wouldn't go back to anytime soon. 

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