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Saw It: "Solo" *Spoiler Alert*

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Chris    1,169

We went to see this last night at the Heights Theater. 

The movie had it's share of problems during production with the firing of two directors before Ron Howard came on board to take over. 

It's been called a "flop" because it didn't break $100 million opening weekend (which, being Memorial Day weekend may have had something to do with that ). I've seen its box office performance unfairly compared that of the new trilogy which, let's face it, is comparing apples and oranges. 

Hard core "fans" are spewing hatred and bad reviews about a movie they probably haven't even seen if all of their threats to boycott all future Disney Star Wars films held up.

It's lead actor had to step into an iconic role and make it his own, and at the same time not try to come off as imitating Harrison Ford. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 8.37.00 PM.png

And that's too bad because you know what? It was a pretty damned good movie. 

Admittedly, I had lower expectations considering much of what I wrote above. However after opening night I started hearing good things, and from people whose opinion I hold in higher regard than some 19 year old keyboard commando. So if nothing else, I figured we'd go watch, and enjoy a good story. 

I think it surpassed those expectations. 

The first third or so was okay, you weren't really sure what they were trying to get to, but then the action really built up. There was at least one character I could have done without. But by the last third of the movie all was forgotten because it was a solid action movie. And there was one hell of a surprise that had at least one young movie goer in our group jumping up and down in excitement. 

Alden Ehenreich did what I would have thought was impossible: he pulled off being Han Solo without being Harrison Ford. There were certainly times when you could see traces of the Han we all know, but whether that was by design or natural, I don't know. A good thing. 

Donald Glover's Lando Calrissian was also well performed. 

There were pieces of old canon brought into this new story which is exactly what Disney should be doing to a degree. The callbacks to things we know about in Han's future are well placed. And I have to say, seeing he and Chewbacca meet, sit on those seats of the Millennium Falcon for the first time, etc., brought smiles to my face. 

Last night I said it was nearly as good as "Rogue One", Disney's first Star Wars stand alone movie. Today I think I'd have to watch it again to determine if that holds true or not. I'd still say on a scale of 1-10, its no less than a 7, possibly even an 8. Either way, it doesn't deserve the lousy reviews and criticism it has received. 

Set aside expectations, and just watch a solid story about character you know and love finding their way, before they became saviors of the galaxy. 



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Mark    144

Spoiler alert.  Go no further if you have never seen this movie!

My money is on Qu'ra returning in the final Star Wars, if not in person, at least as being identified as Rey's mother.

But who is Rey's father.  It would be interesting if it turned out to be Han Solo, as he and Qi'ra were pretty close in this film.  Interesting, but creepy, since Kylo Ren is Han's son making Rey Kylo's half sister.  Since Star Wars has already gone down that road with Luke & Leia, I doubt that will be the case here.  At the end of this film, Qu'ra was on her way to meet up with Darth Maul.  Perhaps Darth Maul is Rey's father, explaining Rey's strong ties to the force.  But if one looks at the history of Darth Maul, by this time in the storyline he has already been cut in half and is on a robotic lower half (see the Clone Wars film).  Not the kind of equipment one would need to sire a Jedi I suppose, but perhaps a Sith has other, less conventional means of reproducing.

Obviously, I still can't wait to see the reveal of Rey's lineage.

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Chris    1,169

Interesting theory, Mark. I'd have to sit down and look at the time lapse from this movie ( Im guessing 5-10 years before "A New Hope"? ) to #7, and assume Rey is 20 years old, 25 tops. It could work out. 

There is also a possibility of lineage from Obi Wan. There was an article I was reading about Ewen McGregor reprising his role for a stand alone movie. However they said they couldn't do anything with it until after #9 because it would spoil something. So she could perhaps be a grandaughter/ niece in the Kenobi line. 

The Maul reveal was absolutely a shocker, and great set up for more stand alone films if Disney hasn't shrunk back because of the ( undeserved ) critical reviews of "Solo". 

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