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Which Bee Is Best For You?

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Are you a Ford or a Chevy kind of person? Or are you more like “as long as it drives, I don’t care what it is”? If you’ve ever been in the middle (or at the end) of this question, you know people can be loyal to their favorite brand. The same goes for honeybee races. Gather a room full of beekeepers and ask them what their favorite bee race is. You’ll have a multitude of opinions — all of them right.

When I started beekeeping, we ordered bees through our beekeepers association and they only had Italian bees, so that is what I got. Depending on your circumstances, you may not have a choice in the type of bee you get. However, you can generally find all three races available for sale online.

Similar to the different beehives, each bee race has characteristics that will appeal to particular types of beekeepers.


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