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"Michelob Organic Campaign Is Phony Attempt To Play Nice With Farmers"

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Perhaps I’m too cynical, but Michelob’s 6 For 6-Pack campaign seems like a misguided way to play nice with farmers. But it’s definitely not impressive.

This is the absolute epitome of virtue signalling. People can go to the store, pick up a pricey 6-pack of organic beer, and enjoy knowing it that it’s helping some general sustainability goal. Woohoo!

But this is literally the most pathetic attempt to “help” anyone. Let’s do some simple math. There are 43,560 square feet in an acre. Michelob is willing to support the transition of 6 square feet for every 6-pack sold. That means they have to sell 7,260 packs of beer to pay for one acre to transition to organic production.

What does that mean for actual farmers? Not much. The average U.S. farm is 234 acres. And that’s fairly small; my family farms about 2,000 acres — and that’s a mid-size farm in our area and crop type. Michelob would have to sell 1,698,840 packs of beer to help an “average” size farmer transition to organic production. (I won’t do the math for my family’s operation because there’s no reason to belabor the point.)

Who do you think is getting the better deal here: American farmers or Michelob?


See the rest here.

What do you think?

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