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Rat Hunting Dogs: A Historically Organic Option

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Jreed’s exciting discovery was actually the purpose for which terriers were bred. Back when almost all dogs were working animals, terriers hunted small vermin which plagued European farms. Poisons weren’t options back then, so people learned how to get rid of rats by training rat-hunting dogs.

Jreed encouraged the practice, acquired a few more terriers and created the Mongrol Hoard. With a few dogs and brave friends willing to get dirty, Jordan charges $100-150 plus a case of beer: just enough to pay for gas and reward hard work. His fees are low because this isn’t his job; he has a job. He believes in eliminating poisons and helping his “farming family.”

“Ideally,” he says, “we want to come because there is an infestation, deal with the infestation and the reason for the infestation … so the farmer can manage it from that point.”


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Chris    1,212

Our neighbor, the one whose horses we take care of on the weekends, has a little terrier. Man, you should see her try and get at a mouse or whatever she smells in between the stacked hay!

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