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Understanding Domestic Goat Behavior And What They Think Of Us

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Are goats smart? And why is it important for goat owners to understand how goats think?

We’ve had to learn to be smart, to stay one step ahead of probing muzzles and fiddling lips that find their way into food bins or out of pens. We, their handlers, know how smart goats are. But do we think goat-wise, understanding caprine minds: how they see their environment and us, how they learn, how learning can affect their future experience, and how their experience affects their health and production? To this end, researchers continue to delve into the minds of goats, how they are affected by the production environment, and how they see us and interact with us.

In 2017, we have seen published results of studies into cognition, human-goat relationships, reproductive behavior and reaction to intensive conditions. Knowledge of the goats’ perspective enables us to design goat-friendly accommodation and tailor our procedures and handling techniques to reduce stress. Enjoyable, stress-free living will optimize the health and production of our animals—and us too!


Learn more here. 

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Chris    1,212

There is absolutely no doubt our boys know the color of the coffee can or feed scoop I bring their crimped oats in!

And they each have their own behavioral quirks. Brownie, the more dominant of the three, has to rub his head against me. Meanwhile Cal has a habit of taking my finger in his mouth. I’m not sure why, but it could be from when we were force feeding him molasses water when he was on deaths door last year. Tanner, he just kinda hangs out and waits for the food or scratches while the other two are fighting over who gets my attention LOL

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