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Coop Ventilation And Why It's Important

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Rurlife.com    9


Everyone loves fresh air, poultry included! When chickens (and other poultry) breathe or produce waste, significant amounts of water is released into the air. This moisture-filled air causes humidity, which without proper ventilation, can cause frostbite, ammonia build-up, and other pressing issues.

Coop ventilation is important year-round. In the summer months, it helps keep your birds cool and their coop air ammonia-free. In the winter months, it helps prevent frostbite. Did you know ammonia is lighter than air? Providing proper ventilation up high in your coop allows ammonia to escape easily. No amount of ammonia smell in your coop is safe. Ammonia is very detrimental to poultry and corrosive. High amounts of ammonia present in your coop can cause damage to your bird’s sensitive respiratory system and can result in losses or expensive veterinary bills.


Definitely something you need to know. Read more here.

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Chris    1,155

With it teetering on 60 degrees right now, I certainly have the windows on the chicken coop open today. I always keep a window furthest from their perch open for good air flow this time of year anyway. 

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