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"50 Must Haves For TEOTWAWKI"

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Rurlife.com    12


Arguably, the most important thing to store for a SHTF (Stuff Hits The Fan) or complete TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It) scenario is knowledge. Without it, you won’t survive.

Beyond that, what physical things should you be storing for TEOTWAWKI? Check your survival items list against ours to see what you might be forgetting or need more of.

Our Top 50 TEOTWAWKI Survival Items List

Rubbing alcohol: Not only is rubbing alcohol good for disinfect­ing, it can also be used as a great ice pack when combined 1:2 with water. Rubbing alcohol also works as a fire starter, cleaning and disinfecting tools and more. Just don’t use it for mixed drinks!

Yarn: Having wool-yielding animals,  processing wool, and spinning yarn is laborious, and unless you’re already an expert your future learn­ing curve will thank you for having a supply of yarns on hand for knitting warm clothing and making repairs.


See the other 48 here. 

What are your thoughts on this? Do you ever think about what you'd do if the SHTF? Is there something missing from their list?

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Ann    339

For a while I was stocking up on things for a “ just in case” situation.  I can’t remember why I stopped.  Maybe I figured if all my family wasn’t with me, why bother.

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Chris    1,212

It's pretty hard to read as much SHTF fiction as I do and not end up thinking, "Hmm... what if..." but I think overall a lot of this is stuff you could find yourself in need of in case of something as simple as an extended power outage. 

I think the #1 resource anyone could have for any instance, be it a few days without power or the type of scenario they mention in that article is resourcefulness. Because hypothetically when your neighbors are expending huge amounts of calories hunting deer, you could be running a trapline harvesting both food and fur ( and maybe you won't eat that possum, but flock of chickens will ). 

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