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Bluestone Brewing Company, Sayre PA

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Chris    951

18 South Pitney St. South Waverly PA 18840

(570) 731-0222



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After being told for a couple years I should check this place out, we finally had an opportunity to stop in for supper on Monday. It's not hard to find, just follow Elmira Rd past Tops and take your first right after the Hampton Inn on the right. 

They have a lot of good brews to choose from, including several seasonals. Additionally they offer wines and spirits in limited quantities. 

The Blackberry 1537 Ale jumped out at me, so I tried it. Not bad, although not as berry flavored as I would have expected, just a hint, not much more. Still, it was a pretty good drinker. 

A friend who knows her beer said to try the Big Elk Amber Ale, so I did. I wasn't disappointed. It's a bold, good tasting beer with just the right amount of hops. 

We ordered supper, getting a burger and pulled pork sandwich. The food is pretty good and didn't take long to get it. They have an interesting menu selection including stuff made with locally sourced ingredients. We enjoyed everything, including the hot spinach artichoke dips we got for an appetizer. 

There service was quick and friendly, and the place has a nice, laid back atmosphere overall. I'll definitely go back. My only regret is it took me so long to get down there. I definitely recommend it for a laid back meal or just to hang out and sip some brews.


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