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Chemung County Legislature Compensation And Benefits

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ElmiraTelegram    133

In the site's new "Guest View" column, Mr. Anthony Pucci gives his thoughts on the recent meeting held by the Chemung County Legislature's ad hoc Compensation and Benefits committee. The committee's aim is to evaluate the salary and benefits package offered to Chemung County  legislators and make recommendations regarding any changes. 

Mr's Pucci's column can be found HERE

Open discussion regarding this matter. 

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KReed    538


Be informed and make your voices heard. Call, write, text, or email your legislator and make your opinions known. 


Without getting into all the important points that Mr. Pucci raises....I just have to say most of our representatives do not seem very receptive to listening to their constituents' voices. 



In the interest of transparency, I would personally like to see all of our legislators be required to have some open forum where constituents can raise concerns/questions and make their responses (or lack thereof) are a matter of public record.

As it stands now, only 2 have social media and websites where they are willing to publish their positions and offer public feedback for the taxpayers and citizens to see and hold them accountable. At least one more had a public social media page during the campaign. It disappeared after his re-election and while it was active, he expressed that he had no reason to engage in discussion with someone who “doesn’t live in his district” (so if he sits on the budget committee, and my legislator doesn't, no one represents "me" on that topic? Yeah, that's a rather obnoxious view for him to hold)


The Chemung County Legislature page lists contact information, but a third do not have email forms. If you live in the 11th District, you can’t even call your legislator, only his mailing address is listed. 


Why wouldn’t every single one of them be eager for everyone to know where they stand?

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