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ElmiraTelegram    129

There's a show on Axess TV called, "The Very, Very Best Of The 70's". A weird decade, for sure. but cool to look back and see what was big then. 

For those of us old enough to do so, pick a decade, any decade, and list what you think was the best of the following:



TV Show

Fiction Book

Non-Fiction Book




Fashion Trend

Or conversely, what do you think was the WORST of those for the decade you picked?

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KReed    524

The 1980s

Band: Dire Straits, REO Speedwagon, Tom Petty 

Movies: The Terminator....and all those Brat Pack movies that I now think were pretty lame :-)

TV Show: The M*A*S*H finale

Fiction Book: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (also became a fan of Tom Clancy)

Non-Fiction Book: Cosmos by Carl Sagan 

Toy:  Cabbage Patch dolls were the most popular, but ushered in the ugly trend of stampeding parents :-(

Candy: Umm...never considered candy a pop culture trend?  Most of the old favorites (Reeses Cups, Kisses, etc) were still popular 

Car: Monte Carlo

Fashion Trend: Nothing- zilch - nada. Linda Evans shoulder pads, teased hair (on both genders), parachute pants, mullets, grunge.....all horrendous

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Chris    1,169

I'll see if I can tackle the 90's first.

Band: There were many, but I'd have to pick Nirvana based on the impact they made. And how "Teen Spirit" blew me away the first time I heard it. 

Movie: Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. Because despite glaring faults, just the experience of having Star Wars back in the theaters was enough. 

TV Show: I'd have to say "Frasier"

Fiction Book: I had to look at a list. Pretty hard to argue with the "Harry Potter" series for the impact it made. Also, "A Song Of Ice and Fire" ( Game of Thrones )

Non-Fiction Book: I had to look at a list again. I'd say "Angela's Ashes" by Frank McCourt. Special nod to Howards Stern's "Private Parts" though. 

Toy: I was too old, and good thing, because they sucked. But Beanie Babies are the huge thing I can remember most. 

Candy: I'm gonna say Hershey Symphony Bars. They were made in 1989, but the rest of the 90's candy sucked as far as I can tell. So close enough. 

Car: I think this was a great era for the Ford F-150. 

Fashion Trend: Grunge. Because I was already dressing that way and was finally in style. 

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