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Chris    910

2246 Corning Rd Elmira NY 14903



Let me preface this by saying that for the most part, I don't care for Mexican food other than tacos. So when my in-laws wanted to go here on Sunday, I was kinda "meh". But once I got there, I figured, "when in Rome" and decided to order something besides a burger and fries. 

First off they bring out tortilla chips and some pretty good salsa. We ordered drinks and I got the "large" Dos Equis Amber. They should call it "huge", because it was a 32 oz. chilled mug filled to the brim. I haven't had Dos Equis in forever and would have been content with that and the chips. 

For my meal I order the chicken fajita quesadilla. It comes with a scoop of rice, sour cream, and guacamole. And it's freakin' HUGE. It was really cheesy, ( maybe a little too much cheese ) and tasted great. Did I mention it was big? I couldn't eat the whole thing ( although the monster beer may have contributed to the full belly ). 

The staff was friendly, fast, and overall it was a good time. 

When I went to pay the bill I told the gentlemen as many times as we'd passed the place, I couldn't believe we've never eaten there until Sunday. I'm sure we'll go back. 

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KarenK    75

I am a huge fan of Mexican!!  I love Garcia's. Dave not a fan so we don't eat it often.  I'm really hoping the new place on Ithaca Rd will have take out so I can grab a meal on my way to the club instead of Fratellos every Friday.  

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Spiff    75

Garcia's is pretty good we hit them up for lunch on occasion. The chips and salsa are delicious!!

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