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Is America Turning Into A Nation Of Dunces?

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Chris    910


Today, 60% of college graduates cannot name a single step necessary to ratify a constitutional amendment; half don’t know how long the terms are for representatives or senators. Two out of five don’t know that Congress has the power to declare war.

The First Amendment prohibits an “establishment of religion” and guarantees the “free exercise of religion,” yet a majority of Americans believe that the Constitution established a Christian nation. One in 10 think Congress could actually “outlaw atheism because the United States is one country under God."

It gets worse. Ten percent of the college graduates surveyed thought that Judge Judy is currently serving on the Supreme Court.


Read the rest at https://www.heritage.org/american-founders/commentary/america-turning-nation-dunces?fbclid=IwAR3BjD9VJOP1fPBzO2HaYYJoIVxjYyM-5wMtSZs5dn5f29ZOl8f0qZQ74IY

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KReed    415
5 hours ago, KarenK said:

Government & the constitution should be one of the mandatory first year courses of any college curriculum right there with English, Math 101 and Science.  

College still seems late in life to me. Most of the stuff listed in the OP quote were things we were taught in 8th grade, then reviewed and expounded on in 10th or 11th. 

But then, when I was 30-ish I had a co-worker in his 4th year of a Business BS degree that was absolutely astounded that I could calculate a 25% discount on a $3.99 purchase in my head. How do you make it past 4th grade (let alone graduate high school and survive in college without know 1 is  is one quarter of 4?????)

It scares me that stuff that was jr/sr high school curriculum 30 years ago became college associates degree material 15-20 years ago and is now challenging for a someone with a bachelor's degree.....


And to think my parents and others from their generation only made it through 8th grade in the 40s-50s, but could recite government/Constitutional facts as well as balance a checkbook. And that same generation who had no handheld calculators in school (let alone tablets) and learned long division with a pencil....are the kids who grew up to launch men into space using slide rules to design spacecrafts.

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Chris    910

Have you ever seen one of those examples of an average test for the average student in the late 1800's? 

Now, while some would disagree, I consider myself to be an intelligent person. I had no friggin clue what the answers were. 

But what we're seeing now is not only an absolute dumbing down of a nation, but the people of that nation are happily skipping towards complete ignorance. Our society not only caters to, it celebrates the lowest common denominator. Let us not forget "The Learning Channel" introduced us to "Honey Boo Boo". 

I see the results of where we are and, scarier still, the future everyday. Ignorance is not only bliss these days, it's displayed with bravado.

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