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"The Christmas Chronicles"

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Chris    630

This one was released on Netflix recently. Right up front, I'll tell you it's another "we gotta save Christmas" type of movie and kinda predictable. However Kurt Russell brings it and makes it more entertaining than many and Netflix did a great job producing it. 

The movie starts off kinda slow, and about 15 minutes in I was thinking, "Oh man, this better pick up," but it's another one of those "John Carter" type movies where if you stick with it, it delivers about 16 minutes in. 

Again, Kurt Russell makes a great Santa, although a little thinner and snarky. Which I liked. 

The trailer is below, and unfortunately it's another one of those trailers that offers a lot of the best lines from the movie. Still there's enough other great lines and moment that it is still worth watching. 


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Ann    183

I loved it.  I don’t think it was just another “save Christmas” movie but more about restoring something that was lost for the family.  Hope it come out in DVD, I would watch again.

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