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Found 1 result

  1. Field and Stream

    Against my better judgment I stopped in to F&S to check out something I could have gotten online ( checked Scott’s first though ) . Although not having exactly what I wanted the Associate did go out of his way to find me a substitute at a cheaper price . Having saved some bucks I figured I would get a new set of shooting earmuffs with a jack for my ipod . So I get home and wouldn’t you know it , there was the F&S sale flyer , and yepper there was my morning purchase at 10% off starting tomorrow and I had already opened and used the product ! For giggles I shot off an email to the feedback team (respectful of course ) with what I consider to be a good suggestion that if they are touting thier Sportsman Advantage Club and the members purchase is going on sale within say 48 hours this could be reflected at checkout . I also told them I figured the email was a waste as it would be deleted in a heart beat but the matter would not be so quick to end on my part ! I don’t expect a response and if that is the case it will confirm my suspicion that this Big Box Store is not worth mine or any other sportsman’s time and money and predict this one will close in the near future ...