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  1. Turning Pens

    Great clip! They really are easy to make and make great gifts. You can make 1 in 15-20 minutes and a inexpensive but nice kit can be bought for less than $5.
  2. Turning Pens

    I will look it up.
  3. City Logo - We need a new one

    I agree with Chris, get rid of the purple. EC does very little to benefit the city. The college thinks of themselves as a small city within a city.
  4. County Legislature Pay And Benefits

    For the record, I was not saying bus drivers don't deserve what they get, That is a job that takes a special person. I am pretty sure my employer also has an opt out payment for insurance. They are a Fortune 500 also.
  5. County Legislature Pay And Benefits

    Actually the school district offers part time bus drivers the same benefits as full time employees. They also have a buy out if they opt to not take it. Giving them $1,500 or 2,000 is cheaper than the cost of them having the benefits. Pay a little now to save a lot later.
  6. Bejing Garden

    Dragon Wok used to be my favorite, But everything seems bland. Taste of Asia on College Ave. near Edison is our go to place now.
  7. Ideas For Local Activities

    The race fest in Elmira was "suspended " while they were building the arena and the roads around it. It was supposed to return, but never did. Citing costs and lack of driver participation Corning stopped it a few years ago. I remember it seemed like almost every weekend something was going on downtown and fireworks from the river on the 4th.
  8. I saw that movie, and I enjoyed watching it.
  9. Prevailing wages will just raise the cost of projects. I just watched a video on this about how in NYC is costs 3 billion dollars for 1 mile of subway line versus 300-450 million in other countries. In a fully funded public project do what you want, but in a project that is only partially funded by the govt. Let the developers hire who they want. As long as they hire safe workers who know what they are doing and agree to the rates.
  10. Coming Soon To A Theater Near You

    👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆 That one is the one I cannot wait to see.
  11. County Executive vs Legislature Lawsuits To Be Heard Today

    So the resolution was drafted and passed to bring everything in alignment with what has been done for 40 years. What is to say what has been done for 40 years is the right thing and followed the county charter? Just because "that's how it has always been done" doesn't mean it's how it is supposed to be done.
  12. Election 2020

    From what I see they are seeing which one can be the most left, not caring that the moderates that are willing to vote Rep. or Dem. Depending on the candidate is who put President Trump in office. It's like they don't care about the moderates that make the most difference.
  13. Harbor Freight

    Yes they are,
  14. Harbor Freight

    I actually heard the other day they are looking at about Aug 14th.
  15. Harbor Freight

    Anyone heard when they are supposed to be open? They seem to be taking their time.