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  1. And there it is ... this article is a must read !
  2. Carrot Cupcakes With Cream-Cheese Frosting

    WHOA !! There goes another artery !! 😂
  3. Quarantine: How Are You Spending Your Days?

    There’s a lot of geometry involved here and I think she’s got it ! Me , I’m prepping for planting , getting a bit more material for the greenhouse , learning a few new tunes on the banjo . Oh and a thanks to Spiff for this book . As a beekeeper and gardener it’s got it all !!
  4. My Father's Centennial

    Thank you for sharing KReed ! My dad usually explained things in a different way , but the result was the same . I often think that in my short 67 years on this big blue marble I myself have seen a lot of amazing things ! Technologically speaking , that is ...
  5. Oh yeah Thanks ! See how much he impressed me ? 🤨 okay , I have a story to finish reading !
  6. In her world I would be justified in brandishing on my Navy Veteran Brother that just reached in the back of my truck to pull out a bag of garbage to help me out today at the dump !
  7. Yep , got it but holy crap , I can come up with a bunch of things that Could happen , and May yet happen. But am I crazy enough ( uh that’s a rhetorical question lol) to post them as fact on FB , ummm no ! Second best dumb question... what’s Smollet ? Answer quickly please I’m reading about your Dad and want to get back to it 😉 Yeah , I get that . So he filed a complaint against her and she is facing charges ?
  8. Okay ... confused old guy here . Police report but no substance to it then ?
  9. So , the story Was Real after all ?
  10. Show Off Your Critters!

    Lord Amherst is showing off !!
  11. Show Off Your Critters!

    ALL OF THEM .... INDIVIDUALLY?? 😂 Do you know how hard it is to get 30,000 bee’s to hold still while they get pictures done !!
  12. There is just So Much wrong with this whole scenario ! No Trained pistol owner in their right mind is going to report they brandished their weapon without just cause much less make up a story on FB about it . Stealing of groceries is not justified cause under “ duty to retreat “ law. . Then there are the “ common sense “ rules that come into play . I have been hearing just about too much of this Conceal Carry Bravado since the County went to Tier One Permits . Bottom Line their are far to many cowboys and girls out there that don’t know jackshit about that weapon they carry and seem to like to brag about how they will use it ! The class given before permit is issued is woefully inadequate in so far as safety , firearm familiarity etc .and being discreet are concerned ! I only wish the requirement for the Basic Pistol Course were the minimum to be issued a permit . Agreed Spiff at the very least yank her permit along with the false incident charge . By virtue of her telling a tall tale , clearly calling for attention online shows she is not mentally stable to be carrying a weapon of any kind . We don’t need more concern from panic mongers like this !
  13. U.S. Unemployment Claims Shatter Records

    Isn’t that the reason we have Unemployment, just in case of this sort of thing ? Sure the numbers are going to climb , with respects to claims filed but better to have some stability for workers laid off to get through it .
  14. Tomato seeds all planted ( thank you gratefulseedsaver ) All Heritage variety . Eggplant seeds in as well , now I need to make more flats to hold more peat pots . Just need to have a talk with the R&D manager about some slight changes in the next few box's ... oh yeah , that’s me 🤔! I am getting the bee’s ready for their ramp up as well so keeping busy isn’t a problem and I need a couple things from Lowe’s to work on the greenhouse but am resisting the urge ! PS , the Rhubarb is leafing up and I found a patch of Ramps ( spring onions ) that I transplanted a few years ago and man the are smelling good , think Shallots , only fresh and the greens are great with eggs etc . Yeah Spring is here !
  15. Me , I’m outside getting things ready for Spring ! Today is plant the ‘mater seeds I got from Gratefulseedsaver , getting them in a bit late but started nonetheless less . Lots of wood to be stacked , getting bee equipment ready for the soon to come nectar run , learning some new banjo tunes and guitars , just small things but not panic things . Looking optimistic about the next few months things ! Truth is , I’m one of those “ compromised “ people but my take is this , screw it , right now i’m alive and my family ( although I worry for them ) are healthy ( as long as one of them doesn’t fight with tree’s again ) so things are all good !
  16. It’s here and we deal with it! Now if others would listen and stay home, stay away or not congregate, maybe we could flatten the curve in the County !
  17. Hell , I don’t even like it when I grill and Burn my regular chicken !
  18. LOL 😂, would be pretty nasty wouldn’t it ? The eggs are cream colored Shell , normal “ white and yoke “ . A few years ago I was at Tractor Supply , walking past the chicks a dad was explaining to his kids that the Black Sex Links produced Black eggs ... clenched my jaws and kept walking , quickly !! 😬
  19. The Coronavirus Discussion "Superthread"

    Ya know ... at this point it’s a hunker down , common sense survival mode situation ! Nerves are fraying quickly but that’s human nature and if everyone just listens to those that are making the decisions for us on distancing , limiting exposure to gatherings etc , we can flatten that “curve “ a little quicker ! But by all means as Chris says kindness cost nothing and we are All in this Together , so can we all just reach a little deeper past that panic and fear to find that emotional control that will get us by this whole thing ?! 🤔😉
  20. Quilting

    That’s the way I see them Linda , treasures ! One in particular is in a storage container and I don’t dare take it out again . I rescued it when my mom passed and the siblings cleaned out her cedar chest where I had seen it as a child ... and that was a few days ago !! 😆
  21. Quilting

    Love me some quilts Linda , I have ones from Great Grandmother and Grandmothers . Such works of art and love !
  22. Random Chat

    Yeah ... been outside all day . Finished and delivered a duck pen down the road ... that got some looks from the neighbors 😂. Got all the pallets up from last years wood supply and used the big tractor and back blade to scrape that mess into the hedgerow . Now come to find out my good hard time rack has grown legs , it was a gift and not a cheap one to replace . It’s not anywhere here on the compound thats for sure ! Other than that it Was a nice day to get some stuff done .
  23. That , coupled with the fact that the biggest part of the product ( packaging courtesy of ... us ) will be distributed downstate gets a laugh from me !
  24. Hobby or (Obsession)???

    That ... is a Lot of Bike right there !!