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  1. How To Make Homemade Ice Cream

    It’s hanging here in the cellar !
  2. Maple Bacon Cheddar Biscuits

    Yes , they do !!
  3. Election 2020

    Creepy Boomer !
  4. Election 2020

    As would I . But this sets the benchmark for any future elections or candidates. It’s a sophomoric way to elect a candidate because he is not popular or not a cool lawyer . The kid that craps in his section of the sandbox is not going to win the prize for most popular kid I get that . But the kid that craps All Over the sandbox simply out of spite and winning the prize does not benefit All kids in that sandbox . Bad analogy , maybe , more simply put Politics is no place for a Pissing Match as it is now because when the dust settles the American People will be left scratching their heads and bewildered... as many are right now
  5. Random Chat

    Yeah ...
  6. Election 2020

    Watching the media pie chart tonight , it seems no one has a “platform “ on which they run now ... It’s all about beating Trump . Not that I give a damn about Trump or Any others but it’s not about the Good of The Country anymore it’s all who can beat Trump . Cue the “ Getting rid of Trump would be Good for the Country “ comments .
  7. Random Chat

    Neighbor had a run of bad luck this morning ! Someone’s dogs were running loose and killed some of her chickens on their playing spree . The pair were really hyped as the owner ( presumably) was trying to get them in her car . I don’t think the dogs get much exercise as they were all over at once really raising hell . Almost as if she had just gotten them as they obviously had a whole lot of pent up energy !
  8. Amazing to think 11.5 Billion miles , pretty much makes Me feel , well ... itty bitty !
  9. Short and not too sweet a run is what I’m being told by the small time producers .
  10. These came up in a conversation last week . The question came “ even the eggs are black inside ? “ I of course found something to do ... quickly . an interesting point though so I’ll have to investigate even though I’m pretty sure of what I’ll find out ! 😉😂
  11. Rigatoni Meatball Soup

    Need to get that made here ! Have never been much for soups up till the last few years ( yes I can still chew solids food 😉😂 ) and this one looks good !
  12. "Typical Americans": A Celebration Of Us

    We viewed the short version last night , thought it a Great thing ! Then Sammy Snowflake apparently takes exception to some part of the thing being insensitive to whatever “ABC “ group they happen to identify with at the moment ! Look up from your phone stupid ... there is a whole World of Good Things out there happening and it’s passing you by ! Yes it is a Celebration of Who we are , What We can Do and We are Capable of So Much More !!
  13. Random Chat

    Got everything I wanted to get done outside today . Skids around for 3 months worth of wood stacking , moved a poultry house over to the barn to be repaired and then down the road a bit , put the 4 wheeler to work on that one ! And the usual 2 hours in the music room learning some new banjo and guitar stuff whooped and ready for some sack time !😴
  14. Poultry Chat

    Delivery available!
  15. Loretta Lynn Declares Country Music Is "Dead"

    Country Music dead ?! No Virginia , as long as it lives on the hearts and minds of “old farts “ ... like me ! Anyway , I believe the country music of today has no “ color “ . It does not stir emotion , memories etc as did Jones , Hank , Cash or Haggard ! Being pretty eclectic as a rule when listening to or playing music , I just can’t listen to the majority of newer country singers as they all sound alike , with the males hitting the low drawl into the lyrics at every bar and measure and the females doing what the hell ever it is they call what they do ! Bluegrass will never die , those as with Gospel ( old or new ) are timeless , old timey music , front porch music , shade tree music as Chris says will be around as long as there are those of us that play and sing it !
  16. Peace In The Storm

    Thank You Linda !
  17. Plated And Ready To Serve

    You had it Spiff old buddy ! Same ingredients, we called it ... leftovers !
  18. So You Want To Be A Farmer...

    I have been in on the whole “ raise the healthy “ food thing for years whether on my own or with the adult kids . I raised hogs when they lived at home as a matter of economics ( 3 teenage boys ) . Back then I raised two , one for table and the other to sell to pay for ours and the butcher fee . Then with Chris as a project when he got older . Adam started with meat birds as he explained in the earlier post , but as he said the market was just not there , just as with eggs now and , even honey was hard to move this year ! Partly to a banner year for honey and and partly due to “ plastic bear syndrome “ , that $.99 sprawl-mart Chinese sugar syrup ! So here is the deal , I guess it’s better to use your time , energy and property to grow / raise what you can use yourself , or just raise that which pleases you and let’s you sit in that comfy chair under the shade tree with that glass of wine or beer ... Cheers Farmer !
  19. Random Chat

    Bwahaa ! At 15 cord I guess I’m looking to finish about , oh ... July 4th ! 😂
  20. Plans For 2020

    Doh !!
  21. Cheap Fun year Round Treat For Your Flock

    Good idea ... but I can’t help looking at that cabbage as cole slaw for me !!
  22. Loaded Baked Potato Soup

    With a nice crusty bread !
  23. Brooding Chicks In The Winter Months

    Actually I like the lamp and cardboard that you use . They feather out faster , being slowly acclimated to the cold . Plus it’s easier to breakdown when not needed ! P.S How’s my punctuation spacing ? 😉😂!
  24. It says “ Excelsior “ he could just change that to read ...” Empty “ !
  25. Selling Eggs As A Business On The Homestead

    Barter for Beer ... novel idea ! 🤔😂