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  1. Cheap Fun year Round Treat For Your Flock

    Good idea ... but I can’t help looking at that cabbage as cole slaw for me !!
  2. Loaded Baked Potato Soup

    With a nice crusty bread !
  3. Brooding Chicks In The Winter Months

    Actually I like the lamp and cardboard that you use . They feather out faster , being slowly acclimated to the cold . Plus it’s easier to breakdown when not needed ! P.S How’s my punctuation spacing ? 😉😂!
  4. Selling Eggs As A Business On The Homestead

    Barter for Beer ... novel idea ! 🤔😂
  5. The Lost Art Of Braid-In Rugs Parts 1 & 2

    Probably from the same as ours .
  6. The Lost Art Of Braid-In Rugs Parts 1 & 2

    I have two of these from my Great Aunt and Great Grandmother , they sure are nice setting foot on instead of the cold floor in the morning !
  7. Selling Eggs As A Business On The Homestead

    As the saying goes , “ you eat with your eyes “ ! Yes those colors are all the rage ... “ But we don’t eat the shells “ as said by my father in law . If I were to find myself back into the “ business “ I would go with black and copper Marian’s from a reputable breeder . They , being the darkest of brown layer , are also the most expensive and the eggs sell better ( again , we throw away the shell ) for eating as well as hatchers . But I digress . Selling eggs in this area is about the same as selling honey ... both akin to selling ice to Eskimo’s ! As stated above , feed prices , egg cartons ... everything related to egg production has gone sky high , then you can’t justify your labor either , let’s face it , time is expensive ! I used to sell a lot of eggs back in the day but the small hobby farmer just cannot compete with those corporate farms . Egg’s at .99 a doz vs 3.50 a doz . and the .99 eggs are date stamped ... begs the question where do they get that special breed that stamps the egg on the way out !
  8. Random Chat

    C’mon , as a toddler you were bounced around and head butted by a pissed off ram sheep ... you got this ! 😉😂
  9. Don't Buy A Flow Hive Until You've Seen This!

    Without watching the video , I would not invest in them ! I belong to an International Beekeepers page and they have been ore of a joke than anything else ...
  10. Random Chat

    You smelled different probably ! Remember they are just big dogs .... and yeah it is a nice barn isn’t it ?!
  11. Random Chat

    Chris there was another local feed store that had the bug problem as well . Owner explained that a whole shipment was suspect . I would not doubt it was all from the same supplier .
  12. Random Chat

    Actually I was commenting more on the chickens cough than the goats . Garlic powder in the waterer or cider vineger usually helps chickens . I leave goat problems to those that keep them 😆
  13. Random Chat

    A little cider vinegar in the waterer , or a bit of garlic powder ... or both , won’t hurt .
  14. Silver Laced Wyandottes

    Sit still , I got it ... 😆 yep 4to5 medium size eggs per week ! Thanks for the catalogue Chris !
  15. Beeswax Candle Demonstration

    The Beeks meeting was a hoot last nite ( more than the usual ) ! Candle making looks like fun but will take buying new equipment, molds and such . Then here’s a fact ... it takes approximately 75 lbs honey to make 1 lb of wax . Hmm , looks like small candles are to be made in light of that little gem ...