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  1. Hatching chicks 2019

    They really are , a quick glance at the control screen shows temp , set temp and humidity. Add a bit of water to the tray every other day . After checking and candling the temp comes back in less than a minute . Pics .. when they , wait ... can’t count em yet !
  2. Hatching chicks 2019

    Getting a head start on the Spring , or is it anticipation ... I don’t know ! ? Anyway I am in day 14 of incubating eggs hoping to get a good ratio of hatchers 40 eggs went in . Culled after candling yesterday 8 were non starters and I’m find it damn near impossible to candle blue eggs . So I’m left with 30 which are developing right on schedule . I believe this new incubator Adam got last year to be far and away the easiest one ever . Forced air , built in electronic hydrometer and electronic thermostat make it easy to check just a couple times a day . So , one more week and we shall see !
  3. Woodstock 50th Coming To Watkins Glen

    Bwahaa , “ whether they remember it or not “ ... Because as the saying goes “ if you remember Woodstock , you weren’t really there “ ! Guess we’ll just see how this plays out , but I do hope for the best !
  4. Woodstock 50th Coming To Watkins Glen

    The Survivors ! No not the original attendee’s , the band members who are / may still be alive ! I kid ( sort of ) 😂 All kidding aside I think this is Great news ... however , remember , the mentality of today’s attendee’s ,to such an affair , will be close to a 365 degree difference from the original generations ! This area Better be ready for some serious party go’ers both young an old...er .
  5. Path For Chemung County?

    Yeah , after some thought on my post it really wasn’t quite in line with the topic at hand , please disregard ! As to Casella ... we were sold out by the County to be the trash heap for the Rotten Apple ! But I look forward to what the new Legislators and County Executive can bring to the table ...
  6. Path For Chemung County?

    By Eastern Town I can assume that Baldwin is included? As to Zoning and Ordinances in Baldwin, we are zoned Agricultural/ Residential. Ordinances have been in place as Law, voted in by Town Residents, since the mid nineties. Now found to be “arbitrary" by some Past and Present Town Officials, the Ordinances are rarely, if ever, enforced by Code Enforcement! So I can safely say Baldwin will never be in the running for anything other than ... let’s call them Cottage industries, and that’s being generous! I agree wholeheartedly with KRSullivan on the landfill issue that garbage from outside the County by Casella needs to be limited.
  7. New Year's Goals

    Yes . .. just sayin !
  8. New Year's Goals

    Not into resolutions so much as resolve. Looking forward to a project at the Rod and Gun Club to improve our pistol range with some help from from some highly placed people . One of whom reminded me ( vehemently) just last week that he will make good on his promise to get it done ! Normally I am quite introverted , but resolved , with the help of another club member to break the ice with another Official , things should get rolling soon . I am also resolved this year to only take on physical projects / tasks which I can handle ! This after last years debacle which I do not care to repeat !! I have also resolved to be more proactive with my bee hobbie . Having last year joined a local beekeepers Club I have learned so much of what we need to be doing but have not . And that’s about it , no major changes just chugging along enjoying Family , Friends and life in general !
  9. Lansing Man Arrested For Animal Cruelty

    I like to believe there is a Special place in hell where whatever Evil is perpetrated on pets is returned tenfold on the perpetrator !
  10. Lowest form of life , waste of good oxygen ... wishing him all the worst !!
  11. Elmira Man Arrested On Weapons Charges

    Shoot , he’ll be all tatted up by then ! Wonder if he will still be smiling as he’s passed around ... but forget all that , he’s going to get youthful offender status anyway !
  12. Elmira Man Arrested On Weapons Charges

    And it’s laughing ?! Somebody must have told the Bubba joke ... Guess breaking the Law is one big joke after all , just don’t let Goofus here breed with that smiley female from last week Please .
  13. Yep , Good attitude going on there , perky .. not so many “smarts “ but very perky !
  14. God Friended Me

    It has about the same premise as Manifest . Only unlike Manifest it doesn’t have the whole Government conspiracy stuck in there with shootem ups and explosions . More relaxing and feel good type show , and yes , we watch Manifest as well LOL !
  15. I think for the most part we are becoming desensitized by all this “ dinnit see nuttin “ thing when Police are trying to get to the bottom of things ! IMHO , MEH ... no biggie ! Do I Like the way it’s going or my attitude , Hell no but it just going to get worse before it gets better . Large groups fleeing the scene and nobody cooperating sickens me , and yes it should be a charge obstruction of Justice . But no , the Law shows up , calls EMTs for any injured parties of fights or shootings and so called “ victims “ see nothing ?? Meanwhile that Ambulance is not able to respond to that guy having a heart attack or that baby choking ... no their skills are being Wasted , that’s what I said Wasted , at the scene of some Drama injury or other such nonsense as we are seeing in Elmira anymore ! YMMV ( an old Marcy acronym ) but it’s all good !