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  1. Working the Bees

    We pulled about 60 lbs of dark today . I didn’t want to leave them on after this weekend for two reasons , too much goldenrod and it’s too strong and I like a good mix of knotweed and goldenrod which I believe we got . After this weekend the goldenrod and knotweed will be on the downhill side of the run and we get into the Asters which Adam tells me crystallizes faster . Numbers of bee’s were higher than I’ve ever had and I’m laying that up to having done treatments ( Thanks JG) at proper intervals with two more courses of treatment to go . Now time to get things ready for Winter ... but that’s another post !
  2. Craft Beers

    Maybe on the next run ! They might appreciate some input on that brew , I’m sure others noticed and may also mention the problem to them .
  3. We in upstate have to fund the new subway tunnel even though we don’t use them , but there’s the cash cow !!
  4. Craft Beers

    And i see they have a blue colored tap ... could it be !!?? Blueberry ??
  5. First time reaction to hearing...

    Music ... it illicits emotion , it soothes the weary mind or like Bohemian Rhapsody ( one of the all times greats in my book ) can move you in all different directions ! Like it did with this young man , I think his reaction was priceless !
  6. Working the Bees

    One “ scout bee “ finds a tree full of drawn comb and voila another bee tree ... right ?
  7. Working the Bees

    LOL ... if they have moved on you would probably not find a whole lot anyway . Still it would have been cool to get a look at it .
  8. Working the Bees

    Not really worth the trouble , lots of work unless it’s close to the ground or easily retrieved . Even then ...
  9. Working the Bees

    Nuttin huh ? The bear that hit my hives ate only the brood , licked two frames clean as can be !
  10. Working the Bees

    I’ll be anxious to hear your mite count ! I really need to figure an easier way to treat during flows ... those boxes are getting heavy fast this year LOL . The working from the back of the hive sounds a little less ... intense let’s say . After pulling the boards I stuck around ( gotta get a chair out there ) to watch the girls and see what color pollen is being brought in . By the colors and what is blossoming right now I see grayish ( guessing field corn ) and pretty yellow ( no brainer here right ? Goldenrod ) at least up here in B-town . Reassuring to hear the mites are pretty much dead hitting the board . I want to go into Winter as healthy as possible , yes , it’s time for me to start obsessing on that , wait ... aren’t All beekeepers obsessed ? Okay , keep me updated JG ! PS selling honey around here seems to be getting like selling Ice to Eskimo’s ...
  11. Working the Bees

    Excellent ! Time is everything when sweating your butt off in a suit ... assuming your wearing a suit . Sticky boards in for the count ? I treated yesterday checked the boards about 2 hours ago averaged 5 per board ... question , do those buggers crawl off the boards ? Because my boards are not sticky . I sprayed Pam on them once and noticed no difference after 3 treatments . Anyway good to see your new tool came in and is easier and faster for you ! Oh yeah , Harbor Frieght has some nice goggles and respirators , just sayin ‘ LOL !
  12. Just For Today

    Listen to your Muse , keep writing !
  13. Working the Bees

    Yay , the new toy arrived ... sic em JG ! I only use those IPM-boards when treating , then only for 24 hrs when temps are high . Yeah , they do collect moisture or used to before I elevated the rear of the hive 3/4 “ , not too bad now . Doing another oxalic treatment this afternoon so we can compare notes after you put you new Easy Vap to work ! Oh and Harbor Freght has a parking lot sale coming up ... this weekend I think !
  14. Exactly ! Let’s put some Citizens ... plain old John Q Public types on these Committees for once , just checkerboard them in with the “ Honorables “ ! Don’t get me wrong here please , along with all you do Christina , you find time to come here to answer our questions and concerns and that in itself is admirable ! I just believe it is time to utilize some of the area’s non elected talent for a change . Doing this may just eliminate a good deal of the skepticism of just politics as usual from the same old career politicians !
  15. To think , the Son of a KIA Pilot ... A pilot himself , Flying his Fathers remains Home to the very place he waved goodbye to him at 5 years old ?! Gotta bring tears to the eyes , and I’m not ashamed for it !! Yes JG he is resting in Home Soil now ... Finally ! Thank you for this post .