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  1. Like I said before .... I’ll be worm shite !
  2. County Executive & Legislature Disagreements

    Hmmm , describing FB ... the antithesis ( hopefully correct term ) of proper grammar , spelling and punctuation . But for the most part just ordinary folks commenting and articulating ( rather fervently at times ) thier feelings and opinions . As I have learned a short time ago one must scroll quickly to not get sucked onto the many rabbit holes of FB .
  3. County Executive & Legislature Disagreements

    Loved that “ simply amends “ line myself !
  4. County Executive & Legislature Disagreements

    But now the tables have turned ... County Executive Moss has played his cards close to the vest until now ! First the Legislators were indignant by his firing of thier Lawyer , step two bring in a ringer pro bono , then they table the matter because some were having second thoughts , next is , hey now Mr. Moss how can we work this thing out ! Then all hell breaks loose from the anti Moss brigade on Farce Book because he plays his hand and raises the stakes ... even better when we see how many Aces he was holding ! Sorry for the poker metaphors , couldn’t resist !
  5. County Executive & Legislature Disagreements

    As I have been having problems this afternoon ... yeah , we’ll go with that .
  6. County Executive & Legislature Disagreements

    Now back to normal on FB page so I deleted my last post .
  7. County Executive & Legislature Disagreements

    FB page , never had to give info before . Like I said it’s no big deal . LOL just went FB site , shows error message , cannot Open .
  8. County Executive & Legislature Disagreements

    Not that this makes any difference at all . While looking at Chemung County Matters last night I did see the response format has changed to requiring ones Name and E mail address to make a response . Is this a way to filter out all that FB fodder or to slow down all those ‘ controversial “ questions ! Now in 3 , 2 , 1 .... no , I do not have a problem giving said information , just found it interesting this happens just when the matter gets tabled and then given the content of Ms Sonsires last paragraph in her latest posting and the finality of the context therein .
  9. Meh , I’ll be worm shit before I get caught up on the Movie series , glad I read the books though !
  10. County Executive & Legislature Disagreements

    I know I should not be , but I am surprised at all the Chris Moss haters on Attorney Sonshires FB page ! Both of the aforementioned have hit the ground running ( to be seen as a good thing ) ! Strangely , no pun intended Rodney , we don’t hear a lot , publicly, from the rest of the Legislative body or is it that they are letting Ms Sonshire take point on this matter as a trial by fire since she is not afraid to speak out ? Lastly , County Executive Moss ( I like the sound of that , don’t you ? ) seems to have taken the strategic “ high road “ of silence on the whole matter , interesting no ? Two different cliche’s come to mind here . For the Legislature “ Methinks thou dost protest too much “ for Executive Moss ... “ Silence speaks Volumes “ ! Either way this plays out in my opinion ( take it or leave it ) I see this as a win win for Chemung County Residents .
  11. Claire, DO NOT work the mules

    In a word ... Yep !
  12. Claire, DO NOT work the mules

    LOL 😂I like , “ Clair leave those mules alone “ , this , “ CLAIRE “ , guy ! But yeah , to his point , how the hell do you sit in you concrete towers and bitch about GHG s ? Who grows your food , how does your food get to you , how do you stay warm , how do you see at night ? Ahhh never mind , AOC is going to figure it all out for them .
  13. Elmira 1958- Barnum & Bailey Circus Parade

    I was five when the circus came to town . Vaguely remember the big tent show ... but I remember the clowns 🤡 yup to this day I HATE CLOWNS ! Haven’t been to a circus since ...
  14. Vegetable Cream Cheese Pizza

    Fortunately for me , I don’t need to make my own LOL 😆. But yes I could easily make a meal of it !
  15. Gardening Thread 2019

    Maybe one more raised bed ! All table veggies this year not much sense in canning anything with just us two . I have gotten a taste for fresh beets and grape tomatoes in my old age LOL ! Not a garden thing but ... I put 5 Tulip Tree and 1 Apple tree cuttings up in the barn to root about 8 weeks ago . Fingers crossed that the Rooting hormone did its job . Although the shoots that were on them at cutting were green , and still are sooo...