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  1. Are You A Locavore?

    They always get freezer burnt before I use them and the rubber seal on my seal a meal thingy needs replaced.
  2. Are You A Locavore?

    I am if it's at all possible. Since I'm not much for canning or freezing, this time of year I'm buying frozen everything but as soon as local produce of any kind is available I'm there. My beef is local as is my venison and eggs ( )
  3. "Saving The Old Chicken House"

    I love watching people transform old buildings into something useful.
  4. Random Chat

    Here's hoping. It is becoming obvious that I will be filling my propane up at least one more time. I hope it's only one more time. That would require a relatively mild rest of the winter and early spring.
  5. Wilted Lettuce Salad With Warm Bacon Dressing

    Mmmmmmm. I have actually had this using baby spinach rather than lettuce. That dressing is soooo good.
  6. Craft Beers

    Glad it is still the same. Saw a lot of folks enjoying it at the club tonight.
  7. Craft Beers

    Parking lot packed on my way through at 5:00 today too. Waiting to hear reviews out there somewhere.
  8. Craft Beers

    Looked pretty open today when I drove by. Cars just lining Ithaca Rd and parking lot full.
  9. Craft Beers

    Well it has to have the sugar Jack! That's what makes it sweet.
  10. Vegetable Cream Cheese Pizza

    I love those cream cheese pizzas!
  11. Craft Beers

    Horseheads Brewing announced their sale yesterday. All recipes remaining intact and new owners will be ready to reopen by early March. Horseheads is excited as they were a fan favorite. No one has heard who bought it and it's driving everyone crazy but there isn't a sole who isn't excited and wishing them well. I don't even like "weird" beer. lol
  12. Wine On Ice

    I thought the Arena was closed.
  13. until