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  1. Animal Sounds

    Must be the hoot owl that's the big one then. Caught a pic of one sitting on our swingset one day (missing an eye) and one on top of the neighbors garage another which was much bigger. The screech owls are the ones that make all the noise though and it's like I disturb them when I open the back door at night or even come home late after working.
  2. Animal Sounds

    We have a couple of those screech owls that live in my back woods as well as a few that are hooty. I am a huge lover of owls and find them fascinating so I love to listen to them. My one concern with the screechers is that I have seen them up close and personal and these are quite large. Large enough to pick up and carry off my little 15lb terrier.
  3. Craft Beers

    Parking lot packed on my way through at 5:00 today too. Waiting to hear reviews out there somewhere.
  4. Craft Beers

    Looked pretty open today when I drove by. Cars just lining Ithaca Rd and parking lot full.
  5. County Legislature Pay And Benefits

    Pretty sure my company has an opt out too and its definitely not a Govt and is also a Fortune 500. They don't advertise it but I know I got it when I was married and had coverage elsewhere so didn't need their insurance.
  6. City Logo - We need a new one

    I would totally agree with you on this on Chris. Especially Elmira College. It should be one of our assets but no what Elmira is. Which reminds me, has anyone had a look at the comments on the FB news sites in regard to our new taproom and potential brewery. Good lord these people want everything but complain about each and every new thing that happens. Completely jaw dropping.
  7. I agree with KReed and Johnny Go. Seems a spin going on to make Moss look like the bad guy. Temporary is just that, and his calling out the County concerns seems in no way criticizing the committees report, just making it clear that the County has some serious issues as well. Just repeating the important facts that may have been buried or overlooked by us less than savvy readers. The county overall is Moss's priority.
  8. Bejing Garden

    Agree that Shanghai Express is really good but also really out of my way. Usually I grab Chinese at the last minute on my way home. Dragon Wok is definitely not what it used to be but still better than Beijing Gardens by a mile. I have yet to try the place in the Heights.
  9. Ideas For Local Activities

    I miss Arts in the Park and Race Week. Not sure what happened with the cars, they stopped doing it everywhere. Even having a car at the plaza just to look at. Arts in the Park used to be sponsored by the Museum and if I recall they cited dwindling vendor participation and high insurance costs. Seems like everything is "all or nothing" around here. Maybe they should bring back some of these events on a smaller scale, particularly since "art" seems to be a major push in regard to downtown revitalization.
  10. Bejing Garden

    Not a fan of that place. Used to be the best but not anymore. Dragon Wok in Village Plaza is my go-to for take out.
  11. 71 pages. A little light reading before bedtime? LOL
  12. Briggs Famous Cream Ale

    Almost makes me want to try it. I would if I could just try a taste and go from there. I like beer well enough if it tastes like beer. Do not care for any of those flavored beers at all. I used to drink Genny Cream Ale when I swiped it from my dad back in the day. Apparently I didn't hate it. I don't remember. lol.
  13. Having been married to Union guys I'm quite familiar with prevailing wage. When it come to actual work on state roads, bridges, highways etc I don't have a large issue with it. Generally those are union contracts and those workers are incredibly well trained and certified for that kind of work. Prevailing wage in that scenario keeps general contractors from hiring subs or employees without the training required to do the job right. These are public roads and public property. Do you want the bridge repaired by a laborer they hired at "People Ready" for the day? Not really. The Unions seem to dictate prevailing wage though. That's really the only situation though. As for private use, whether funded by the state (taxpayers) or otherwise then no. Its a private project. If you want to hand them taxpayer money to fund projects (which I also don't always agree with but that's another story) then hand it to them.
  14. New Electronic Billboard Signs In Elmira

    Not positive exactly where it is so I guess I haven't seen it yet. I take Water St in to work in the morning but only as far as Baldwin.
  15. Briggs Cream Ale Making A Comeback

    Wish I could acquire a taste for this kind of stuff.