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  1. I wondered the same thing. Thought it was an odd time of year to start up something like that.
  2. How do you return an endorsement? Is she returning their money? Somehow I don't think so. Dumbest thing I ever heard and there are probably a bunch out there lapping it up.
  3. Elmira Man Arrested On Weapons Charges

    Seriously looks like he's about 13.
  4. This is interesting and causing a ruckus on social media. Apparently most (non elmirans) feel we are not worthy. Binghamton is a much bigger city and they should not be losing the Dulles service. It is an interesting development for our little airport. Perhaps that doctor school is the reason?
  5. I have been wondering when this would be addressed by the politicians. Curious to see if the rules apply no matter which side is playing.
  6. I think these Lime Bikes are a pretty cool idea. I see people riding them all over in Watkins. If only they would hurry and give people some place to ride to. I'm also curious as to how long it will take the criminals to figure out a way around it.
  7. Elmira Paving Projects To Begin Monday Oct. 15th

    Really wish they would hurry up with that one at Judson & Church. Seems like I have been driving over that "bump" for months.
  8. Hahahaha. One million three hundred thousand million. lol
  9. I don't know if it's just me, but I have been following this topic for quite some time and it's almost as if backpedalling is going on now.
  10. Police Investigating Stabbing in Ithaca's "Jungle"

    Someone messing with his stuff
  11. This kind of stuff blows my mind. Reminds me of that #metoo actress who started the ball rolling against that big director and then was accused by a young actor of abuse herself. It all just kind of got hushed up out there.
  12. Reed Announces Affordable Housing Grants For Elmira

    Just as convenient as the announcements (complete with photo ops and handshakes) of the sales of the buildings on Lake St and Baldwin.
  13. State Of Emergency Declared In Tioga County

    I just saw a friend post this, yet only 2 schools closed
  14. Town Of Chemung Eyes Property Tax Hike

    So he starts his sentence with "Moss ally", which is irrelevant to the rest of it unless Moss is doing his budget for him.