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  1. Sears

    Sounds like they adopted the K-mart method of 1 register open. We see how well that worked out for them!
  2. Sample This BBQ

    Not sure if its the same but Adeco was building a case against him with their lawyers.
  3. New Star Wars Live Action Series Announced

    10 million an episode is a pretty good budget.
  4. Tops Market In Elmira To Close

    I dont believe so
  5. Tops Market In Elmira To Close

    Bed bath and beyond in Big Flats is closing as well.
  6. Sample This BBQ

    Ive got a video of some dude smashing an egg on his head in the building last week after it closed. I heard they had an egg fight inside and pelted the outside with eggs. He was not supposed to be cooking or serving any food and some of the stuff he had up for sale was not his. Not his first run in with the law I saw his mugshot out of Texas I believe for fraud and or forgery
  7. Sample This BBQ

    Not the vendors either....Apparently they were bragging the truck they just got was the next to be repossessed.
  8. Robbie Nichols Reveals New Hockey Team Name And Logo

    Saw someone wearing a tshirt with that on it last night.
  9. Now thats a bad check
  10. Some of the other state regulations are personal possession up to 1 ounce. Im not sure on exact numbers here but i believe up to 5 mature plants and a just a few immature plants at 1 time. You will have to be 21 to buy. I have not seen any particulars on personal gardens.
  11. Pudgies - Horseheads

    Well tonight may have been our last night going. Horrible service!! They need to learn how to treat a customer especially when they are in the wrong. First our fish fry came out and we asked if the other stuff we order was done. The girls response was did they know you wanted more when she was holding the slip in her hand.and made a comment about her not being the one that made it. So then we wait and finally 1 out kf 2 order of fries comes out and we ask how does the fish fry come out before just fries the owners daughters response was sorry we used them for other orders (mind you the fries that come with fish are different than the regular fries) so she was lying or doesnt know what shes talking about. So then after a few minutes and a few dirty glares at my wife our 2nd order of fries comes out with an overly and i mean overly done you have a great night which i returned in kind with smiles and dimples. I cant speak badly of all the employees cause some are great. But the owners daughter and the blue haired girl and the skinny crackhead out back can bugger off.
  12. Pudgies - Horseheads

    I was skeptical for a while after they hung up the sign offering it. I thought to myself they can barely make a pizza and now they wanna try fish fry! *note Im not a fan of their pizza*
  13. Pudgies - Horseheads

    This has been our go to fish fry place for at least 2 months. We were skeptical at first but my in laws raved about it so we gave it a shot. You generally get 1 large portion of fish and many times another hunk almost just as big. An overflowing container of fries 2 rolls and some pretty good slaw. Also comes with a nice lemon wedge (which seems to be rare for some places) Everything served in a pizza box they have to tape closed to keep it shut. They definitely get the fat guy seal of approval.
  14. Chemung Man Charged With Animal Cruelty

    I know of this person and he is definitely not all there. I do feel bad for the horses maybe take his food and water a way for a few weeks and see how he feels.
  15. Do you really think he pays taxes?