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  1. So two things that stood out the most for me. C-3PO's red eyes and Rey's nice and evil look with Darth Maul like lightsaber!!
  2. Craft Beers

    Yep August 23rd they are back picture on FB shows 10 taps ready to go. I am sure they will be packed that day so I will wait.
  3. E.T. Book Club

    Working my way through the first few Dune books again! This time I read the first book adapted from its original printing in Analog Magazine. Just finished Dune Messiah which is a tough read and not the most popular of the series but a necessary one. Will be starting Children of Dune tonight. I generally just stick to the original books by Frank Herbert I have not read any of his sons books yet.
  4. Bejing Garden

    I dont eat at dragon wok anymore. If you have fond memories of them then from years ago dont spoil them by going there now. My 2 places are Shanghai Express in big flats and Thai Asian 119 in the square. 119 has handy online ordering with an app called beyond menu.
  5. Garcia's

    Garcia's is pretty good we hit them up for lunch on occasion. The chips and salsa are delicious!!
  6. That is very true and unfortunately most of the time the heroin is cheaper than the pills they get hooked on. I don't believe legalization will be seen in NY anytime this year. It went from supposedly the first 100 days in office after it missed that it was pushed off till June. Now they are saying it wont happen in June either. As far as testing goes employers should still screen employees to protect themselves and the other employees.
  7. Hometown BBQ

    I commented on the ad as well and have not seen the ad since. I think I called their food slop. I guess their place has a tendency to make the outback area of center court smell like garbage.
  8. No definitely did not live up to the hype and the darkness made it hard to watch.
  9. Star Wars: Episode 9 Teaser Released

    The laugh at the end put a smile on my face. Haters be damned its gonna be a great flick.
  10. Actually NYS Health Department found that Cigarettes and Alcohol are more of a gateway drug than pot. You wont see the "Black Market" sales hurt by the legalization if anything your friendly neighborhood dope dealer is gonna be cheaper because he wont be charging tax.
  11. Aquaman

    Aquaman was indeed a good movie since it was good it got me to revisit Justice league movie which was also suprisingly good. I will rank them higher than any xmen movie besides logan.
  12. Stone Cold Crazy

    All i can say is WOW!!
  13. Goodreads.com Challenge

    From what ive seen on reddit they are remaking the Dune movie. Sometimes I like to roll the dice on the books that pop up on facebook ads. Mostly the free ones!! Yes Dune can be hard to get into. Its been a few years since I read them so I figured why not. Rereading Amber is ways fun seems like I find out something new every read..
  14. Super Bowl Chat 2019

    Dont watch it either not even for the commercials.
  15. Goodreads.com Challenge

    I re read alot of books. Im working my way through Dune for the 2nd time around. This one is called Dune World. It was originally published is Analog magazine. The collected monthly publishes later became the book Dune. Next i will be revisiting one of my favorite worlds, Earthsea. Im pretty sure it will be my 3rd or 4th time reading them.