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  1. Manzaris

    While Vito is retired, for years anytime I entered the door he would remind me of that one time my grandfather came to town from Albany in 1968 and hustled half of the regulars in a game or twelve of pool.
  2. Crystal City Olive Oil

    Their fig basalmic is pure perfection. Garlic olive oil, tuscan herb, in the fall they have a butternut squash that is tasty. I could just hang out there and taste vinegars and oil all day long if they let me.
  3. Gloom, Despair, And Agony On Me

    I really needed to read this today, Carol. Thank you.
  4. "Hey Listen To This"

    I know, I know.... there was no pencil in my pocket, just happy to see you
  5. "Hey Listen To This"

    the price of fame and fortune my phriend... I will also never forget the look on your face upon spot blow-up...if looks could kill I would be taking a dirt nap!
  6. "Hey Listen To This"

    Marco Benevento is awesome! Didn't I see you at the Rongovian Embassy when he was there? Have a blast at Big Mean Sound Machine! If I wasn't going out of town I would totally be there.
  7. Sears

    I haven't shopped at Sears in almost 15 years. When I was pregnant for my first son, I went there to buy a crib. Had to put it on special order, and waited, and waited, and waited. With 7 weeks to go before my due date, I checked in on the status. Come to find out, the mode had been discontinued, and nobody told me....even though it was paid for. I threw holy hell and got a floor model. Same thing happened with a toolbox- $300 model, I wanted to purchase. It was like pulling teeth. I tried two other times to take advantage of an advertisement, showed up at the store the minute they opened and was told they didn't have the item. Why advertise it if you don't have a single piece of inventory? Rain Man movie said it best- KMart sucks- and so does Sears
  8. Sample This BBQ

    Wow. Sample This Drama.
  9. Sample This BBQ

    Not to the staff- they weren't paid for the last two weeks of work.
  10. Craft Beers

    I really like the apricot wheat. The State Theater serves it in Ithaca.
  11. Pudgies - Horseheads

    I heard the recipe is almost identical to Blondies fish fry. Still have not tried it myself.
  12. Craft Beers

    Liquid Shoes is opening on Market St this weekend, the brain child of Elmira natives Eric and Dave Shoemaker.
  13. Phone Scams

  14. "Hey Listen To This"

    This song. It's not "new", but it is so emotionally charged. It is such a beautiful love song, IMO
  15. Ron Rehner

    Ron was truly a champion for our area seniors. He had such energy, enthusiasm, and integrity in making the Southern Tier a positive place for seniors, while advocating for what is right/just, he certainly left an impression in my soul. Thank you for sharing this, very well deserved.