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  1. they should tell us where the people were so we know if were in danger or not
  2. Election 2020

    like ronald reagen
  3. makes sense to me how long can you keep things shut down ?
  4. The Coronavirus Discussion "Superthread"

    well what else would you call them ? who gets to decide who lives and dies and what about the familys ?
  5. i stocked up on bread, meat, milk, toilet paper and pasta
  6. how much is all this costing taxpayers ? what ever happened to raising and feeing your own kids ?
  7. more government takeover
  8. there hasn’t been a single case of this in the county yet ridiclus
  9. they should be making toilet paper the way its flying off the shelfs
  10. why are they saying they are postpining these events ? do they really think there going to be able to get the same turnout in a few months ? is there any one in the county who has it ? then why all the panic ?
  11. there hasn’t been a single case in this county or any where near by. why are they panicking?
  12. The Coronavirus Discussion "Superthread"

    they said on the news theres more cases reported in New York and PA
  13. saw this on the news https://www.mytwintiers.com/news-cat/local-news/peoples-place-tommy-hilfigers-original-store-returning-to-elmira/?fbclid=IwAR2iB7TAXLtezqQzGwRMYymL2SmXeVdxEhulSSJTXd2b0ouTo6Hh_QPfQUA anyone else remember the first one ?
  14. and 20 years isn’t enough for him ?