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  1. Why isn’t Senator Deb Fisher demanding transparent labeling on ALL FOOD PRODUCTS??? I bet her cattle are fattened up on GMO grains and that might effect her bottom line. GREED IS OUTPACING COMMON SENSE TODAY...THAT’S THE REAL PROBLEM IN THIS COUNTRY.
  2. Catalogs?

    The REAL diversity in our food system lies in the hands of home/hobby gardeners, seed savers and small farms. Mono-cropping does absolutely NOTHING for food/seed diversity. Have you ever wondered why BigAg knows this and still continues to practice mono-cropping. SEED PATENTS. Once you eliminate open-pollination/heirloom seed diversity you will have no other option but to purchase PATENTED SEED. With so much of ‘lag time’ and gene sequencing being placed on these patented seeds they’ll never catch up to the diversity of evolution of open-pollinated/heirloom seed. Buying your seed from a regional source insures that your seed will given the opportunity to perform your environment. I produce crop seed that has been water-stressed using dry-farming techniques as a means to improve on the seeds tolerance to drought and heat. If you’re not receiving usable Customer Services such as ‘real-time’ advise and not having open-pollinated seed as an option over hybrids...by all means shop elsewhere. Your interests aren’t their interests. I produce vegan/organic heirloom/O-P without the use of gas-powered machinery and almost zero municipal water because I realized that by mimicking Nature gave me better results. Modern Agriculture has created a form of LAZY FARMING that in less than 75 years has decimated our food system. Instead of increasing our security within our food system we’ve created unbalance and vulnerability. IGNORANCE IS NOT BLISS...
  3. From Ads To Social Media, Food Bullying Is Pervasive

    Unfortunately, that is the mindset that is portrayed when dealing with our food system. People aren’t being made aware of the fact that this type of mindset is wreaking havoc on our environment.The real fact is that you’ll never be able to eat MONEY, OIL OR PLASTIC. These are the main contributors to our ‘downward spiral’ as a human collective. LIP SERVICE DOESN’T CREATE CHANGE...EFFORT DOES. Being LAZY or allowing yourself to be PROPAGANAIZED/ DUMBED DOWN is your road to ruin. QUIT BUYING WHAT THEY’RE SELLING...CREATE SOME CHANGE IN YOUR COMMUNITY WITH YOUR WALLET!!!
  4. Welcome To Rurlife.com's New Home!

    I appreciate just having the opportunity to be able to share information/experiences with like-minded people who are looking to share their’s. Good people doing good things...THANK YOU CHRIS FOR ALL OF YOUR EFFORTS, TIME, KINDNESS AND GENEROSITY!!!
  5. From Ads To Social Media, Food Bullying Is Pervasive

    The majority of the produce that is available in the grocery stores today are lacking 40% of the nutrients on average, due to soil degradation from chemical overuse, over tilling and lack of organic matter in being returned to the soil. Nutrient density in food cannot be achieved with chemicals and trying to out pace Nature is a recipe for disaster. We’re witnessing our lack of control and disregard towards the Planet as out waterways become more polluted from our carelessness. It’s unbelievable how knowledge takes a ‘backseat’ when it comes to greed & ignorance. The ‘bottom-line’ that I get from today’s CORPORATE BIGAG. business model is ‘YOUR MONEY IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR HEALTH’... Who can be proud of that at the end of the day???
  6. From Ads To Social Media, Food Bullying Is Pervasive

    It’s everyone’s right to eat as they wish. Being a producer of vegan/organic seed, I merely offer an option to conventional seed. I believe Farmers and Home Gardeners should have both choices available to them. BigAg’s approach to seed production isn’t very sustainable, though.