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  1. Our Local Whiskeys

    I would love to come across one of those Lowman whiskey bottles someday!
  2. The Coronavirus Discussion "Superthread"

    Funny that this should pop up on my Facebook feed. It’s from one of my favorite authors: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2857842180919702&id=358789724158306
  3. The Coronavirus Discussion "Superthread"

    Yeah, I think both parties did. I have to be honest with ya guys, I’m just debating this for the sake of doing so. The way I see it, they’re gonna do what they’re gonna do. I have more important, more immediate shit to worry about right here, right now. And if some new repugnant law is passed while we’re not looking, I have no problem completely ignoring it. I remember well learning from iElmira the difference between malum in se and malum Prohibitum, and how to handle each
  4. The Coronavirus Discussion "Superthread"

    You raise a good point about someone reaching into the car. Now with that in mind I’d have to say probably not. At least if they’re not wearing a mask and new gloves. Yeah this whole situation sucks, but it’s hardly the first time Americans have been inconvenienced because of a pandemic. I share KReeds concerns about how the stimulus was passed through so quickly once the parasites tacked on BILLIONS for their cronies. I’m not saying that the media isn’t guilty of embellishing their coverage. Geezus, why they continue to erode their credibility by doing so is beyond me. But, I fail to see this as a move to take away my rights. I see it as a measure to keep what resources we have from being overwhelmed to the detriment of all. Maybe it’s because I’ve had to make such decisions ( albeit on a much more micro scale ) that I can understand some of the measures taken. Sometimes decisions get made that perhaps aren’t the best, but it’s what your thought of with what little time you had to make them. As for the video, the officer didn’t detain him, presumably because they have no just cause. Answering was more a courtesy than anything. I have no issue with the way either side handled it. They can ask where you’re going, doesn’t mean you have to answer. ”Where ya going?” ”________” “Okay then.”
  5. The Coronavirus Discussion "Superthread"

    Well of course there hasn't. But again, what's the hypothetical endgame? The only instance I know of this happening was in Rhode Island, specifically targeting New York license plates. And they put the kibosh to it. To answer your question directly, it'd depend on the degree of the "health check". Where am I going? What are they asking to do? If I'm coming from a known "hot spot" and trying to cross state lines, is someone running a thermometer across my forehead unreasonable? I don't think so. And even if I did, what's the alternative? Run from the law and they do it anyway while I'm in jail? The roadside isn't the place to try and argue your Constitutional rights. Does the video you posted make me think, "Hmm... weird."?? Sure it does. Does it convince me that the Illuminati/ New World Order/ Skull and Bones society is launching a new worldwide operation? Eh, I'm gonna need a little more than cell phone footage of questionable origin and editing.
  6. The Coronavirus Discussion "Superthread"

    When presented with conspiracy theories, I have to ask a few questions or look at it from a different angle: 1- Whats the motive? What's the reward when weighed against the risk? 2- Is it possible the theorists are ALSO cherrypicking their footage or location they shoot from? ( For example, showing different entrances than what's shown on MSM ) 3- Is it possible to get so many people to play along with such a "hoax" and if so, how do you keep them, and their families, all quiet? ( You don't. )
  7. The Coronavirus Discussion "Superthread"

    Apparently in an effort to show solidarity with emergency and other health care workers, NYC changed the light at the top of the Empire State Building to look like an emergency light but it had a more anxiety inducing effect. Check out the article here ( I can't get the video to embed ).
  8. Now this is taking things too far. Choices have consequences people, and we can’t try and protect someone from decades of bad decision making.
  9. I think there's a really good chance you're correct.
  10. Carrot Cupcakes With Cream-Cheese Frosting

    Yeah right? As if I wasn’t already ballooning up.
  11. The Coronavirus Discussion "Superthread"

    I read John Prine is real sick with it too. In other news, President Trump extended the social distancing guidelines to April 30th. I bet he wasn’t too happy about it, but I’m glad he listened to the doctors.
  12. Quarantine: How Are You Spending Your Days?

    That’s a nice job!
  13. The Coronavirus Discussion "Superthread"

    Sigh....I was hoping this was a hoax: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-country/joe-diffie-country-singer-dead-obituary-974556/?fbclid=IwAR3xXfHtq0Vxt8yjoU2WqPLaHhopXAZfe5yrs8E6wbNK3PCqmBfP1PjidpY
  14. Quarantine: How Are You Spending Your Days?

    There hasn't been a really dramatic change in my life, which is kinda pathetic when I think about it. I get up every morning around 7ish and get dressed. No lounging in the jimmies allowed. Morning chores get done and then I get breakfast while perusing the web. As you can tell, I'm on here a bit, and then I've been spending a couple hours a day writing. THAT feels really good. Then I'm trying to get out and at least do one little odd job before evening chores. Then after cooking and eating supper we just kinda chill out and watch TV. The only glaring difference I'd say is that the one or two places I would go in the evenings or on the weekend, I can't.
  15. The Coronavirus Discussion "Superthread"

    News is reporting 3 NYOD officers have died from Covid-19 The FEMA person on another site I frequent has finally offered some good news. He said if we fail to reach 160,000 cases today, they will be revising their numbers down. However they still expect the rate of deaths to continue to increase, but it’s looking like quarantine policies are having an impact. However it was pointed out that testing needs to ramp up still. They can’t report on stats that don’t exist.
  16. The Coronavirus Discussion "Superthread"

    If you planned on driving through Rhode Island anytime soon, you may want to rethink that: “Rhode Island's governor said Friday that law enforcement officers will stop cars and knock on doors in coastal communities to identify people who've been to New York state, joining other states in restricting the movements of out-of-state visitors to slow the spread of coronavirus.” On the news they said police are on the look out for NY license plates and will pull them over.
  17. I haven’t gotten that far but I assure you, nothing is off the table. I may have added toilet paper hoarding in the re-write.
  18. I saw this on KReed's FB page and hadn't thought of things this way before. The guy has a point. The rest is here.
  19. Looks like they passed it despite him.
  20. Apparently there's a problem with one of the Congressmen possibly holding things up: See the rest here