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  1. Joseph A Heller, Jr. 1937-2019

    Now that is one hell of an obit!
  2. I have no problem with pulling out of that area and leaving them to their own misery. This idea of spreading democracy is a joke. They don't understand it or don't want it, so let them live in the Stone Age for all I care. But only after every single SOB that had something to do with attacking us is worm food.
  3. Forgive my skepticism, but I think it's more likely he's looking for a feather to stick in that 2020 Election cap.
  4. I'd prefer a "secret summit" where they arrive at Camp David expecting to be wined and dined but are instead shot and dumped somewhere like the garbage they are. Sigh... "winning hearts and minds" doesn't win wars.
  5. Inhaling something besides O2 and getting sick? I for one am completely floored. ( I need to find a sarcasm smiley. )
  6. Maybe it's just the day and I'm trying to get through it, but.... WHY IN THE HELL ARE WE EVEN THINKING ABOUT NEGOTIATING INSTEAD OF KILLING THEM?!?!?
  7. Lake Street Properties To Be Renovated

    I know what you're saying Johnny, and ideally the money would stay in our pockets and the free market would take care of the issue. However since THAT aint happening, isn't the money better off coming back here than going downstate?
  8. Pine Valley Music Festival

    I just looked into this a little more and realized it was their FIRST ONE! So there was some seriously good organizers working on this to make it happen so well. I saw a clip of Still Kickin' and was pretty impressed.
  9. Thinking about it more, I don't think any of the other Marvel movies were bad so you could still watch them for the entertainment alone. I wasn't a HUGE fan of the Thor series, but "Ragnorak" was really good.
  10. Pine Valley Music Festival

    That's great! Far too often those type of things are poorly organized and never make it past that first attempt.
  11. Yeah, you definitely do better with Infinity War and Endgame if you've seen all the other Marvel movies. What I saw of Black Panther wasn't bad, but I don't think it was good as it was hyped up to be. But like you, I knew enough of about it to keep up. Dr. Strange is definitely worth watching. And please PU-LEAZE tell me you've watched the "Guardians of the Galaxy" movies.
  12. Gardening Thread 2019

    The gardening was kinda "meh" this year with the exception of the pumpkins and potatoes. I'm not planting cakes anymore, we only ate one I think. And I'm not doing as many green beans. Or if I do, I'm freezing them rather than try to time meals to the yield. However, I am over the moon about this little development this year: This is the first time we've gotten peaches, and I managed to find a rip one the other day. I'm not a huge fan of peaches because of the fuzzy skin, but these things are GOOD.
  13. Working the Bees

    The bees are working overtime this weekend I'm thinking. It's like this on both sides of the road.
  14. Did you like the movie?