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  1. Election 2020

    Anyone going to watch the upcoming debate? As a former debater, I like watching the strategies unfold. Personally, I think we have too many candidates that don't have any hope of winning the nomination still in...Wonder when they will start dropping out...
  2. Iszards Has Been Purchased

    Any idea how long this project will take? What about the apartments that were going into the old Post Office? It doesn't look like anything is being done there...I thought that announcement happened around the same time as the W.Water apartments that are all done...People are moving in next week. Speaking of which, I see Wells Fargo and Bella Architects are 2 of the businesses going in there...Any idea on the 3rd one?
  3. Iszards Has Been Purchased

    Any thoughts on what it will become? and how long the process will take?
  4. World Record

    I agree. I was just frustrated that I couldn't find out anything about it on the news at all on Sunday...I wasn't aware that one channel doesn't have Sunday 6 oclock news and the other only when there isn't a sporting event..That explains why there was nothing online at all about the event...I read somewhere they are going to try next year with 2000 ponchos. It looks like that many people may have fit in the outline from Fagan. I am excited they are trying that...Why not go for 2020 ponchos in 2020?
  5. World Record

    I am wondering why there is coverage in both WETM and WENY about Horseheads St Patrick's Day parade and festivities, but nothing about the attempt to break the world record for number of people to make a shamrock. I saw it on facebook and actually went this morning. There were so many people...All 1200 green ponchos were already taken...and NOTHING is in any of the news...Is that because it happened at Eldridge Park and not in Horseheads?
  6. Contamination at Elmira High School?

  7. I know many years ago several people sued accusing Southside High School of causing cancer because they went to high school there. I thought the case was dismissed because there was not enough evidence that the cancer was caused by them attending high school there. That the incidence of cancer at Southside was no different than the incidence of cancer in the general population... So, why is there all of sudden a new concern about the high school? What am I missing? You guys are good about the" rest of the story..." So fill me in...
  8. What is going in?

    Is that hotel really going into the mall? Last year, there was lots of drawings...but no demolition. I went walking up at the mall this weekend, and the drawings are gone...Anyone know?
  9. What is going in?

    Don't get up there often, but was up by Field and Stream and Sam's Club this weekend. There is another megastore? being added. Anyone know what is going in there? Anyone know if the KMart that is closing in the Plaza or the Tops in Elmira's Main St that just closed have anyone interested in the space?
  10. I find it hard to believe that it is legal to use NY State income tax to create a law suit for Puerto Rico. Shouldn't they be setting up their own? They never wanted statehood. So I am not sure how much Federal assistance they should be receiving. I hope someone sues him for misappropriation of state funds.
  11. While this may indeed be true, shouldn't he be focused on NY? If he cannot, why is he running for re-election? Maybe he should start a nonprofit to help Puerto Rico instead.
  12. Limebike Bicycle Sharing Program Begins Tomorrow In Elmira

    I hope they use them on the bike trial or leave them at the beginning/end. I wish this resource was used more often. A little cold to start this here, though. Where will they go in the winter?
  13. Gardening Thread 2018

    I am having my old pool filled with dirt. My dream was to have bee hives around the pool where the old cement sidewalk is...I will plant fruit trees, assorted flowering things for my bees and a row of three sisters next Spring. I am hoping with the fence around the pool, the deer won't eat everything. The guy is coming next week to fill the pool. Is it took late this year to plant some vegetables? If not, what can I plant?