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  1. I believe Mr. Strange supported the move by Mr. Moss
  2. Poultry Chat

    kicking around the idea of what to do with my flock and whether or not to hatch out more, especially since we have that nice new incubator! in the interim i have a brooder box in the garage you can use if you need
  3. So You Want To Be A Farmer...

    when i did Cornish X's we put them out in the field in shelter often moved, really did not have too much problems with them being immobile...can say the meat does taste much different than that found in stores most likely due to lack of antibiotics and access to fresh greens/bugs daily...biggest problem is that rare few people wanted to pay for the quality; always comparing to what they could get at walmart, never wasted time trying to convince them otherwise overall theme is folks would rather pay less for less healthy goods and complain later how health/quality is thing of the past thus making small farming near impossible to sustain
  4. saw this episode, damn near soiled myself when the song came on
  5. Selling Eggs As A Business On The Homestead

    did a GOOD amount o sales but as Chris said any sort of "profit" is razor thin thanks mostly to feed prices..i could not keep eggs in stock enough but still could not make worth continuing let alone expanding the flock
  6. Biggest Mistakes American Beekeepers Make

    Dad will probably will probably want to kill me but the horizontal box looks pretty cool
  7. can always report them for littering
  8. i liked it, especially the callbacks to the original trilogy, overall excellent way to close out the series
  9. Plans For 2020

    we have the little building out in the field you could use
  10. many books will use the saying "you get into beekeeping for the bees but get out because of the honey"...it is true unless keep the bee yard small...right now it is difficult to sell honey
  11. most often it is an attempt to remind folks no matter the "side" they are truly only there to ensure their own success and the team mentality is a distraction...though 50 to 60% of the time i am then accused of being split personality, lacking moral fiber or being a hypocrit
  12. Turning Pens

    not that bowls is not fun but i now have sights set on pens in 2020, also received a stave of hickory and a stave of osage for bow making as well, gonna be busy in the shop coming soon