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  1. I think a start would be a return to Board of Supervisors, economic savings aside, there would be much less political in fighting as there would be no more OUR attorney Vs. Their attorney type arguments, it would also return more input to the municipalities, while our own Legislator has been more than accessible, he is only one man covering a large territory. it could be done, it would require a push by the public to put the onus on the Legislature to get them on record one way or the other
  2. got his name out there for free though didnt he
  3. County Legislature Pay And Benefits

    whats more one Legislator has already said, in writing, he feels if County Employees get a 3% then so should the legislature
  4. Just For Today

    if farmer Bean pic is on cell phone can you text it to me?
  5. E.T. Book Club

    Finished "Icognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain" by David Eagleman . It was suggested by a PA that is training me....interesting read, reading it helps you understand how we learn but also delves, a bit deeply at times, consciousness and questions just "who" is in control.
  6. I would say that concern is quite valid given this answer(from a Legislator) to the Concern about County Finances and Legislative raises: "My policy on the subject remains consistent - that we take the same raise as employees (usually 3%)."
  7. i would have thought to see some representation of municipalities in this conversation since they most certainly stand to get the messy end of the stick
  8. notice now, none of the 2020 Dems are barking and sniping at each other? They've got weeks of campaign fodder now as well as all the previous pissing and moaning that occurred when Trump Did NOT respond to National occurrences, and when he does, its not good, genuine enough or hes a racist and this is his fault why bother saying anything etc.....
  9. Working the Bees

    First question seems to be the sticker huh? more folks are getting into beekeeping which is great for the bees but then they go to sell their honey, usually not knowing the real value of it and between that and markets getting saturated, getting more difficult to sell the honey!
  10. Yea but that doesnt rile up the donations and votes if racism cannot be alleged
  11. Christina, do you know if it has ever been thought of or discussed about possibility of rekindling rail services in elmira? City was known as a railhub in the 19th early 20th centuries, at this point in time it is sadly apparent Elmira is destined to be a pass-through city so why not work that angle? SOme sort of service between NYC and upstate/ADK areas with a stop over in the Queen City, stay over a night and take the day to explore the brew pub/vinyard/fingerlake attractions and they move on...i know there would be many moving parts but its a neat idea
  12. thanks for that info, i could not load the file to read the report (our new internet is still on its way!)
  13. I am sure on one of the livestreamed meetings i saw/heard someone mention that the County has been covering Health insurance for City employees. Though i have yet to find confirmation of this and exactly how many are covered, i believe this is a serious misuse of County tax monies, many of us do not live in the City and would see our monies spent elsewhere
  14. Honestly, knowing only the barest of information on the topic; i for one want as much value for my tax monies as possible, just because one is a member of a union does not automatically grant them the status of highest trained/most knowledgeable. It is further complicated when it is the Unions that set the prevailing wage amount; kind of like handing a blank check to a shopaholic, multiply that by the fact that a good amount of union fees are directed to political causes/campaigns that will further their own agenda and income....there has to be some sort of check on it because as Kevin/KR both mentioned there are many folks willing to do the work priced out of it as well as the amount of projects is limited by available funds. In short fair pay for quality work is needed, but i do not agree with Unions dictating it
  15. thing is i have posed like questions to many of the legislature and the Exec, so far have not really gotten answers from any BUT CBS.... i also asked why, if none in legislature wanted it to go to court, had none of them proposed to Exec that the question be put to the public ie "shall/should/can the Legislature be represented by their own appointed attorney and if so shall/may the Charter be amended to allow such action?"...at this point however i get the impression no one REALLY wants to settle the matter outside of a court.