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  1. Animal Sounds

    Not screech owls, they are among the smallest of the owls, nor much taller than a dollar bill is long. They look like you could hold them in your cupped hands. I saw one that managed to take down a dove, it could barely get off the ground with it and didn't make it very far before having to land again. Of course, they are predators and I won't want one to come after me. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.dec.ny.gov/docs/administration_pdf/owls.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwipxbr5z57kAhUyT98KHSFeAQEQFjASegQIChAB&usg=AOvVaw0cIyLBZoyJ20sM0d2Ao43x
  2. I think their recent proposal ro increase their opt out for insurance coverage ( for a part time job) shows who they really represent. Off with them, preferably on a rail.
  3. I'm not hating it, just bored of it. I'm not sure why, it could be the preponderance of sequels and reboots coming out of the movie studios these days that has me bored in general. I haven't bothered to watch the last few Star Wars movies, there is usually better fare as alternatives. I think the beginning of my boredom was The Force Awakens. My expectations were so high and what was delivered was so low that it led to a great disappointment on my part. I think Rogue one was the last one I watched, it was just another action movie and without the Star Wars CGI not all that great of one at that. I have no idea who Leia Poppins is. I'll probably watch the others sometime when convenient, but I won't go out of my way like I used to. This one though, I have to pay monthly streaming fees to give it a go? No thanks. Which reminds me, I have to cancel my HBO subscription.
  4. Animal Sounds

    I love living in the country, not sure how people survive sharing walls with other humans and surrounded by concrete. The nighttime serenades are also one of the reasons I have resisted installing an air conditioner in our bedroom.
  5. Animal Sounds

    I was laying in bed last night, trying to fall asleep when the local pack of coyotes started up in the neighbors fields. The night air seemed to be one of those times where sounds carry forever with little loss in volume or quality. Sleeping with my head near an open window helped me enjoy the performance. They kept at it for about 10 minutes, a bit longer than normal. A few minutes later a smaller number of them went at it for a few minutes more for an encore. Finally, all was quiet, only sounds disturbing my potential for sleep were the snores from the dogs. No, I am not including my wife in that statement. When all of a sudden there was this loud, long, high pitched, plainful cry that slowly faded. This sounded like it was so close it was in the backyard. This call was repeated several more times, so loud I was sure it would wake the wife. The dogs on the other hand might have opened one eye, but it was obviously nothing they were going to protect me from. After many minutes of this it added a high pitched warbling sound between each cry. After a few repetitions of this sequence the serenade was over. I've never heard these particular sounds and sequences before, so I wasn't positive what was making it. I had my suspicions, which were quickly confirmed this morning. Possibly the quality of the air changed how I perceived these sounds. As I suspected, the second act of the evening was performed by an eastern screech owl, and quite the show it was.
  6. Yawn... Disney has really ruined this whole thing for me. YMMV and that's OK.
  7. Is he real, or just a puppet with someone's hand up his back? I honestly don't remember ever seeing him speak.
  8. There is an entire collection of videos on youtube where we get to see someones reaction to hearing a certain for the first time. The most popular, and possibly most common, are reactions by young black men listening to classic rock for the first time. You can tell that for many of them this is truly the first time listening to classic rock. They didn't have parents who were at Woodstock, or wished they went. Led Zeppelin songs are quite popular and well liked by this group, makes sense since so much of the Zep is down right hard and dirty blues. By far, my most favorite to watch are reactions to Bohemian Rhapsody, especially to the one section, you know that section. I just found this young man who had no clue who Queen was, let alone this song. This is one of my favorite because he doesn't stop numerous times for running commentary, and to see the love for something new take root and grow is amazing. I remember the first time I heard this song, a friend brought to to the youth group meeting at the church. I imagine my face didn't look much different. .
  9. Working the Bees

    Another swarm will populate it. No hive survives forever.
  10. County Legislature Pay And Benefits

    I asked for private comparisons, not more of the same government policies. Of course, governments have all sorts of other peoples money to spend. Besides, even in government this is apples to oranges. While bus drivers do indeed work part time, their work schedule makes it virtually impossible to hold a full time job. And they are working a heck of a lot more than 10.5 hours per week. Legislators, on the other hand, can schedule their obligations in such a way that they typically hold full time jobs.
  11. Working the Bees

    Still nothing has dropped. We had a bear cruise through the neighborhood. He dragged off a couple of boxes which had crystallized honey from last fall. I left them out for the bees to clean up, so the frames were pretty much empty, Looks like it tore off some comb, but no damage at all. The funny thing is it walked right by 6 boxes filled with honey I pulled last week. Contrary to popular opinion, and Winnie, I don't think bears really care for honey. When they have hit my hives they eat all of the brood and mostly leave the honey alone. Paleo diets?
  12. County Legislature Pay And Benefits

    I'm fine with the pay, but the cadillac health insurance for a part time job? That is totally unwarranted. And then they want to increase their kick back if they opt out? How about they benchmark private business practices around these benefits? Show me one private business which provides $20k health insurance policy for a part time worker. As far as opt outs, I work for a Fortune 500 company and they don't pay you if you opt out. It's a benefit, not a right. If they don't like the thought of losing their benefits, then they can resign. Other people who care more about helping the community than themselves would step up.
  13. Working the Bees

    I wore my full suit, mainly for the protection from the vapors. I did minimal interactions with the hives, either pulled supers or slid boats under them. I also had to place cloth to seal the entrances. A bit of smoke was enough to keep them calm. I dropped the hood while doing the actual treatments so I could wear the respirator. All of this work is from the back of the hive so no issues. I've wondered about that myself, I don't think they crawl off out get eaten by something else, when I have had big drops those buggers were dead. I think low drops just mean more healthy hives.
  14. Working the Bees

    Just finished my second round of treatments. It took me 45 minutes from the time I started gathering the equipment I read completely done with putting everything away. With my wand this would have been closer to three hours.
  15. Working the Bees

    I checked the bottom boards on all my hives and found nary a mite on any of them. It could be the brood break they all had due to swarming is actually effective at controlling mites. They are all still going to be on the receiving end of my new EasyVap come Sunday. I have one of those removable tray IPM boards under one of the hives. I rarely keep the tray in it, now I remember why, it was full of water. Not good for the health of the hive to have that much moisture.