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  1. Alpine Woman Charges With Unlawful Manufacturing Of Meth

    For most people, getting arrested and having a mug shot taken would make it the worst day of their life. For others, I guess it is their moment of fame?
  2. When I drove by I figured the school was being used by administrators, not students. The clue? There are air conditioners in the windows (note the plywood and AC unit to the left of the doors in the photo above).
  3. If lowering taxes, reducing regulations and basically increasing individual freedom has been such a boon for the craft beverage industry, imagine what it would do if more broadly applied. I know, that's crazy talk in this nanny state.
  4. "Curveball" Music Festival Cancelled

    Gordo Benevento Double Team‏ @questionableAI 2h2 hours ago Mor very irresponsible of Watkins Glen to leave us with all these drugs and no phish