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  1. Election 2020

  2. Star Wars Holiday Special

    Unfortunately not
  3. Most likely theories about what they'll do about that character next season
  4. "Hey Listen To This"

    https://youtu.be/6HH1B1fv8yc If anyone likes Michael Jackson's "Dirty Diana", this is a well done cover of it by "The Weeknd". He has vocals that sound a lot like Jackson's, and it's a great cover.
  5. Update, we finished it last week and it was a great season. They've renewed it for a second season so looking forward to when that comes out!
  6. I showed this to everyone, we were all blown away. We are all so happy to be able to preform for the community, and love every moment of it!
  7. Rave: Regal Cinema At Arnot Mall

    Oh I didn't know those were there. Huh. Kinda wish I knew that when we saw Last Jedi lol