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  1. As to Tonello's other point: I fully agree. It could also be considered that, without funds being diverted to pay current leg/exec expenses, these municipalies could explore a fair wage increase for the attending added 3 meeting a month that Legslators are required to sit in on for generous compensation.
  2. I have believed in this a while now. In terms of expense, just salaries for Legislature and exec branch are about a half million each year, before calculating in benefits). And that is not even considering the payroll and benefits for the supporting staff of each body. With each municipality still having their individual supervisors, that is a huge redundant expense for a county that is considerably less affluent that the rest of the state on average. As both Tonello and Adam point out…the effectiveness of the charter model is woefully lacking. There are countless examples. We don't hear much about it anymore, but Chemung County suffered a devastating flood in 1946 and had bounced back quite well by 1972 under leadership of the Board of Supervisors. We are still attributing Chemung County’s economic downturn on Hurricane Agnes, when it's likely that the change to this government should be given some blame. The past/current Legislature cannot seem to seek out and act upon public opinion for term limits and salary increases. You are correct that voting to eliminate their whole structure would meet with resistence. It would be worth researching if a similar process to adopt the charter could be used to repeal it? https://www.dos.ny.gov/lg/publications/Adopting_and_Amending_County_Charters.pdfhttps://www.dos.ny.gov/lg/publications/Adopting_and_Amending_County_Charters.pdf I assume this 10% threshold was in effect in 1973 when this passed…..I would like to see the numbers of people who signed both the initial petition and the actual number of votes cast on the measure. Considering we are talking about a point in time when many voters were struggling to recover from the 1972 flooding, I hardly think this was top priority – and if it was, a fair argument could be made that it was decided under duress.
  3. His website doesn't seem to look very promising on the question of accessibility. I guess you can call, send a letter or drop by his house. Other than that, no upcoming Town Halls or events where the public can address hi. No FB or Twitter presence. No email or public commentary options on the site itself.
  4. City Logo - We need a new one

    Yep, change the background, otherwise a nice design. If we need to give the college a nod, throw in an Eagle instead of the gaudy purple. The Eagle represents the entire area. I don't find EC to be as much of an asset as it could be. Like the Arena, EC could be a true asset, but seems to fall short. The term "asset" impies a net gain for the surrounding community....whether that gain is measured in dollars, resources or improved qulity of life. As it stands, students (or hockey fans) patronizing a few local bars and restaurants does not outweigh the community's contributions (tax breaks, LEO, publics works/road maintenance, etc). It could be said that staff and visitors at the prisons draw just as much for the community. Instead of waiting for some smart young fellow like this to make a single-handed campaign to "brand" the area.....why doesn't EC have full-semester programs in Public Relations, Advertising and Design built around conceiving and launching PR campaigns for the area as a yearly project? Flags, ad campaigns, events, small attractions, etc. All may not take off, but eventually a few great ideas could come from the students and make a real impact. I have always kind of fancied the idea of themed statues sponsored by community businesses and tax exempt entities. The first time I saw these were the Gator Trails staues at locations in Florida. Although the Gator Trail is sponsored by the University of Florida and technically features their mascot....the mascot does characterize the entire region.... http://www.luv2run.com/gatortrails/statues.html I had heard about the concept a year before. As The #1 fan of Charles M Schultz I loved the Twin Cities tribute to him...Peanuts on Parade https://www.johnweeks.com/tour/peanuts/index.html Dothan, Alabama has its own "Peanuts Around Town"…but not the beloved Schultz characters. https://www.theodysseyonline.com/peanut-hunting-dothan Apparently the idea may have come to the US from Switzerland a few years earlier. https://roadtrippers.com/magazine/cow-parade-chicago-anniversary/
  5. County Legislature Pay And Benefits

    I agree with Johhny Go....Bus drivers have fixed sccedules that are difficult to work around a full time job and are a different situation - and even those circumstances rarely (if ever) warrant full benefits in the private sector (i.e: budgeting with revenue that can't arbitraily be increased by raising taxes). It has been noted that, at 36 scheduled meetings per year, legislators are being paid about $472.00 per 1-hour meeting……as opposed to school bus drivers that start somewhere at or near $15/hr. Voting themselves higher pay while the population they represent struggles more under their leadership is self-serving. Erie County's 2018 Citizens Salary Review Commission report that Mr Pucci mentions has some great information about the factors considered and can be found here: http://www2.erie.gov/csrc/sites/www2.erie.gov.csrc/files/uploads/2018 Commission Final Report.pdf I particularly like the inclusion of median citizens’ incomes and real estate values. I have always felt that representative pay should be correlated with the wealth of their constituents. That way, if they’re making decision that IMPROVE the local economy, then they will get more pay themselves. Unfortunately, there is little evidence that the economic picture in Chemung County has improved at all since the charter was adopted....and it may be fair to say the previous Board of Supervisors did a better job than we are getting from a ligislature that we pay about $240,000 each year in wages alone. I would further question the number of Legislators. The representation ration of 1:5900 has been mentioned many times. This is based on 2010 population of 88K and is likely overstated, as the population has been estimated by under 85K now. When the charter was adopted, we had 101k people and it was still a lot lower than the NY average per legislator (1:6700). Even if we assume that the ratio that was agreed upon when the charter was adopted is set in stone, we should now have <13 legislators. If we had half the 1:23000 statewide average, we would have 7 legislators.
  6. When I mentioned including public participants and more county represenatives from outside the City, it wasn't so much about the group's size as diversity of who they represent. I would feel the same way if an 8-9 member Upstate/NYC Committee was formed and it contained 7-8 representatives from NYC and one from Westchester. Five legislaors may be plenty. However, since the city was choosing half the members to reprsent their residents' interests....then all four "county" members that Burin chose could have (and I believe should have) come from outside the city - not just one of you.
  7. Or for the Legislature and City officials to form another committee to explore some of these recommendations and start formulating plans/proposals...perhaps even a group that includes public participants and maybe more county represenatives from outside the City this time around.
  8. In addition to declining to include members of the public....it just occured to me that there was notable lack of representation by anyone outside the city at all. Chairman Burin: District 9 (City of Elmira, Town of Elmira) Mandell: Mayor (City of Elmira) Duffy: Councilman (City of Elmira) Vandermark: Former Chamberlain (City of Elmira) Sonsire: District 7 (Town of Elmira) Chalk: District 10 (City of Elmira) McCarthy: District 12 (City of Elmira &Town of Southport) Drake: District 13 (City of Elmira, Town of Southport)
  9. My problem is with the proposals to Red Flag 'ideologies' or suspend a Right based on someones opinions/beliefs that could be a precursor to violence (whether it is 'toxic masculinity', governmant mistrust, white nationalism, black power, homophobia or radical Islam)....that it is essentially making "thoughts" a crime. Many of the "could have been stopped sooner" creatures did express such views and we are hearing that as a basis for Red Flag laws. However, most of those also displayed actions that crossed various legal lines as well. More vigorus enforcment of existing laws would have prevented a lot of carnage in those cases without the need for new laws.
  10. If we are removing guns based on actions and demonstrated behavior, then I'm OK with it. But it's no longer a "red flag" (thought crime or prior restraint) at the point where actions/behavior accompany those thoughts. Thd Dayton guy didn't just have his kill/rape lists, he published them...and harrassed and threatened (actions). Charging him for the actions and prosecuting to the fullest extent and removing his firearms (or institutionalizing him) based on ajudication of those earlier actions would have been our justice system in motion - not a 'red flag' In addition to John Hinckley Jr being under psychiatric care and expressing desires to harm a President before shooting Reagan...he was actually arrested for weapons charges a few times (in cities where Carter and Reagan were visiting). I wouldn't have supported removing his 2A rights in 1980 just for his thoughts....but combined with his actions that were ajudicated - yes!
  11. While I agree with the sentiment of keeping guns from 'dangerous people', Red Flag laws are as scary as mass shootings.
  12. As much as we'd like to ease the City's struggles, Moss is not wrong that the County has its own struggles as well. Of course, collective bargaining agreements are their own matter, but the Legislative Compensation committee could take this into consideration when they are deliberating over whether their $16k each for 15 Legislators ($240,000) along with health insurance (for which I have not seen a dollar amount) is a burdon the county can't afford. The city-county committee being terminated doesn't stop the compensation committee from addressing this issue. The people paying for their compensation and benefits are struggling. The legislators' pay is simply not reasonable income in in comparision to the median income of Chemung County's populace. I understand they are working hard on their various committees to discuss potential solutions..... but the taxpayers are working hard too (many at full time jobs that barely pay more than their part time Legislators (with lesser health insurance packages).
  13. Unfortunaely, every news outlet, celebrity and politician would twist that to mean hand big pharma even more money and put even more people on drugs with dangerous side effects...instead of any serious research on the correlation of these shootings (and other violence) to prescribed psychiatric meds. I have yet to find a phrase short and catchy enough to capture the following in a hastag: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3002271/
  14. First Arena

    This was duscussed a bit in the short-lived Town Hall forum, when CAN-USA presented the CCIDA with a bill for "capital improvements" that looked an aweful lot like standard repair and maintenance: http://forums1.elmiratelegram.com/index.php?/topic/1352-first-arena/ Can we pick up this topic where that left off...were any of these operating expenses reimbursed? (and what exactly is Dr Minchin's "sponsor situation"?