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  1. Briggs Famous Cream Ale

    I too used to enjoy that "other NY Cream Ale", but it has been a great many decades. So, while I was picking up my reserved six of Briggs today at GCDB, I inquired if Genesee Cream Ale was still available. Heck yeah, it was right above the Briggs. Completely different packaging on the Genny Cream, so I would have never made the connection. Needless to say, a second six followed me home. Taste test time!!!
  2. Best Cover Songs

    Here's my favorite cover of "Ring of Fire" by Stan Ridgeway and Wall of Voodoo:
  3. From the title of this post it looks like we have another victim of "autocorrect". Made me look though ... Well, except that there was no bomb. There's never a bomb.
  4. Maybe they should start reporting when there isn't gunfire or crime somewhere in the city. Just a thought ...
  5. There's also been a structure fire and a camper fire, both in the Jungle within the last month. Sounds like the Jungle is becoming a pretty rough place lately.
  6. Bicycle Sharing program Could Be Coming To Elmira

    Elmira had a extensive program similar to this when I was a kid. You would have a bike, then someone else would take it. I think we called it "stealing" back then.
  7. Spoiler alert. Go no further if you have never seen this movie! My money is on Qu'ra returning in the final Star Wars, if not in person, at least as being identified as Rey's mother. But who is Rey's father. It would be interesting if it turned out to be Han Solo, as he and Qi'ra were pretty close in this film. Interesting, but creepy, since Kylo Ren is Han's son making Rey Kylo's half sister. Since Star Wars has already gone down that road with Luke & Leia, I doubt that will be the case here. At the end of this film, Qu'ra was on her way to meet up with Darth Maul. Perhaps Darth Maul is Rey's father, explaining Rey's strong ties to the force. But if one looks at the history of Darth Maul, by this time in the storyline he has already been cut in half and is on a robotic lower half (see the Clone Wars film). Not the kind of equipment one would need to sire a Jedi I suppose, but perhaps a Sith has other, less conventional means of reproducing. Obviously, I still can't wait to see the reveal of Rey's lineage.
  8. I say throw his ass in jail ... ... Oh, wait ...
  9. I vote for the Old Farmer's Almanac!
  10. Ha ha, looks like no one admitted to ownership of the firearm. The great Carnac predicts there will also be a couple of charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.
  11. This story sounds shady to me. Really, really shady ...
  12. #1 - EVEN GREATER! Of course now the cat is out of the bag. Glad I make my own wine as this may drive prices for wine and tastings up. Who knows, in a couple of years Catlin may make the top ten list for top wine regions We don't have lakes, but we got ponds, bonfires and damn good wine!
  13. Santulli Responds To Mayor's Recent Newspaper Column

    Ahaha, she missed that you referred to to as two too. Wow, that was a mouthful ...