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  1. The Master Tailor

    beautiful poem Linda! :-)
  2. he looks too much like Epstein!
  3. And just what Did old Mark Twain think when that rock hit Siberia? "Oh snap ....this time it was 73 years...."
  4. Joel Stephens

    He was my friend and i stilldraw inspiration from him to this day.....the last time i saw him was at that mass at St Charles. it was my nieces confirmation mass and when i spoke to him after...he told me in no unncertain termsthat he would be playing for Syracuse the followingseason. but in typical fashion he was more intersted in my life than tellingme about his own! His grandfather Emmitt was agood friend aswell!!
  5. Pat Kane

    a great guy and a very talented performer. taught me an Irish jig.
  6. its on all our cell phones as well
  7. Knife At Local School

    agreed.. scare tactic
  8. i like Robbies coat tho, looks sharp
  9. Game Of Thrones Season 8 Official Trailer

    after the last episode ill crack my bottle of wine and say out loud! "and now my watch has ended!"
  10. Manzaris

    I get the garlic....red sauce on the side! Chris always calls me Francis
  11. I'll Be There...

    be there or be square! :-) very nice Linda!
  12. Pearl Harbor Story

    wow....i am chopping onions over here! read every word....incredible! RIP Pop!
  13. "Hey Listen To This"

    it was inopportune time for my presence to be announced! but hey, we will always have our grass roots moment! with your pretty green top and cowboy hat! :-)
  14. "Hey Listen To This"

    yes....but didnt you "blow up my spot" outside the State theater that one time at DSO? haha...never let you live that down! :-)
  15. "Hey Listen To This"

    freaky friday! another favorite!