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  1. Southport McDonald’s

    the other day i ordered a fish filet and got a chicken breast with cheese and tartar sauce! it tasted pretty darn good. this was not at Southport.
  2. your comment reminded me of this jike: why did a guy wear a tuxedo to his vasectomy? "well, if im gonna be "impotent" i may as well look "impotent" :-)
  3. Election 2020

    booker didnt meet the cut for the next debate. still feels like he should be there because muy diversity
  4. Star Wars Holiday Special

    did the wookie ever get home?
  5. i dunno, but because the court just authorised SH families to sue the manufacturer i figured politicians were fair game as well!
  6. so who actually shoots the person or the gun? and if its the person, why can the manufacturer by held liable?
  7. considering todays school shooting, why couldnt a victim of a shooting in a "gun free zone" have the ability to sue the creator of the gun free legislation?
  8. i am sorry but i believe that this is about gun control and is not meant to benefit the families!
  9. on the ballet it said he represented the political party of Art Laurey? is that a write in? also on a side note is anyone following whats up in Kentucky? election fraud is afoot!
  10. Where it all began ...(maybe).

    so after reading more into it, this find is more anthropology based, so its a broad stroke outcome rather than a scientific one. still interesting info.
  11. Scientists may have pinpointed humanities hometown! Interesting article. https://www.inverse.com/article/60470-hometown-for-humanity
  12. The Master Tailor

    beautiful poem Linda! :-)
  13. he looks too much like Epstein!
  14. And just what Did old Mark Twain think when that rock hit Siberia? "Oh snap ....this time it was 73 years...."