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  1. Random Chat

    Even I’m ready for Spring. I’m tired of this half way Winter, mild/cold/snow/rain. It’s bad enough dealing with mud in Spring but it seems like we’ve had mud since Fall.
  2. Are You A Locavore?

    When buying frozen vegetables I check to see where produced. If it’s Mexico or points further south I don’t buy. I’m not sure about those countries use of pesticides.
  3. Loaded Baked Potato Soup

    This looks delicious and recipe seems so easy. Will have to try this.
  4. Random Chat

    Our son found a tick on his Irish Wolfhound last night. I wish we would get winters that are real winters, cold and snow.
  5. Random Chat

    New Years Eve and nothing special planned. Had a hankering for egg salad so that’s made and in the fridge chilling. Starting to put some Christmas decorations away. Our tree will stay up through Little Christmas, maybe Russian New Years. My paternal grandparents celebrated then so I like to leave our tree up as a memory of them and that time of my childhood. Happy New Year.
  6. For a while I was stocking up on things for a “ just in case” situation. I can’t remember why I stopped. Maybe I figured if all my family wasn’t with me, why bother.
  7. Bookworms

    Hopefully doesn’t last long. I have some good books waiting.
  8. Bookworms

    I’m in a dry spell right now. Haven’t read anything in about three weeks.
  9. Welcome To Rurlife.com's New Home!

    I like what you’ve done. I enjoy both sites and now it’s much more convenient.
  10. I know I don’t buy as much fresh produce as I should because, to me, there is no flavor. Even the seeds we buy from local produce centers don’t grow vegetables that have the deliciousness I remember as a child.
  11. Up at 5am this morning and “ Santa Claus Conquers The Martians”. If I remember correctly, this was shown with this movie. Still couldn’t watch lol.
  12. I remember watching this show when it first aired. One of my favorite scenes was “ Christmas Without you”, a World War II scene.
  13. Christmas Ads From The 70's And 80's

    After watching the video of old Christmas commercials and ones being shown today I have to say today’s have no soul. Certainly they are all about getting you to spend money but today’s commercials don’t touch the heart like the older ones did. There is nothing memorable about today’s commercials. Just my opinion.
  14. Christmas Ads From The 70's And 80's

    What a walk through memory lane. CBS always showed the best Christmas specials. Saw a commercial for a holiday movie only shown once and I wish would be shown again: The Gift of Love A a Christmas Story with Angela Lansbury. Reminded me I received the dvd as a gift several years ago. I’ll have to watch it again even though I always shed a few tears (not ashamed to admit).