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  1. New Year's Goals

    We all know, at least deep down, that New Years resolutions are often doomed to fail. So many of us don't make them. Still, we have 365 new days ahead of us to fill somehow. Maybe it's taking up a new hobby, or trying to grow something new in the garden. Whatever, there must be something that you're looking forward to doing or accomplishing in the coming year. What's on your agenda?
  2. Path For Chemung County?

    Starting today, Chemung County embarks on a new era with the swearing in of a new County Executive and several new members of the County Legislature. Many promises have been made, including a more open, transparent county government. Likewise, many new ideas will be brought to the legislature. What would you like to see the new administration and legislature accomplish in the next year? What ideas do you have that you think would help Chemung County or the City of Elmira prosper?
  3. Rich Lavere

    "We shouldn't wait until someone is gone before we recognize what they bring to the community." That's a thought that occurred to me the other day as I logged off the computer. And the first person who came to mind was Rich Lavere. LaVere was born and raised in Michigan but is as much an Elmira as anyone born here if you ask me. There's more voices cheering on the efforts to revitalize downtown Elmira on a daily basis. But one of, if not the, the most persistent voices has been LaVere's. 2009 When he made the difficult decision to close down the business, Rich didn't pick up and leave the area like many had before him. He just started something else: "Nutmeg Upcycling", located on Gray St., just around the corner from his previous location. Rich also wrote and produced "Facing The Wall", a documentary about the city's relationship with the river that runs through it. For more information about "Facing The Wall", go to http://facingthewallmovie.com Rich not only has his shop on Gray Street, but also a booth at Bostwick Antique Mall in Candor NY. Both shops have a variety of unique, up-cycled and interesting items. For more information about the shops, go to https://www.facebook.com/NutmegUpcycling/
  4. City Of Elmira

    Langdon Plaza, 6/20/40 Water Street, early 1930's
  5. City Of Elmira

    9/18/60 The statue was destroyed by vandals in the late 40's or early 50's Elmira School #8, ( Corner of Madison and E. 2nd ) 9/10/49
  6. Lowman History

  7. Wellsburg History

  8. Wellsburg History

    Schuyler Lumber Co., 1965 10/26/2003 10/26/2003 Wellsburg School, 1965
  9. Rev. Cephus McGee Jr.

    1/17/61 4/20/61 5/16/66 2/11/69 8/11/68 1/12/77 2/10/89 11/05/2006 01/17/2015
  10. City Of Elmira

  11. City Of Elmira

    11/21/79 7/9/80
  12. City Of Elmira

    Some pics from Arts In The Park: 1981 1991 1992 1983
  13. Elmira Heights History

  14. City Of Elmira

    c. 1930 1960
  15. Arctic League Broadcast

    This year’s broadcast will be held on Sunday, December 2, 2018 from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. EST at the Clemens Center’s Powers Theater. We thank you for your continued support and look forward to seeing you at the show! Where to Go: Clemens Center, 207 Clemens Center Pkwy, Elmira, NY – Free! Where to Watch: WETM-TV, WENY-TV, or live stream. The live stream will not be available until 9:30 a.m. Where to Listen: WEHH-AM (1600) & FM (93.9), WELM-AM (1410), WENY-AM (1230 and 1450), WPHD-FM (96.1) and WRCE-AM (1490) How to donate: By telephone at (607) 733-3831 or by clicking here The History of the Broadcast When radio came to Elmira in 1932, the Arctic League branched out to create the first annual broadcast. Newspaper publisher Frank Tripp devised a radio program for the League and served as the master of ceremonies. This broadcast began on WESG, which was owned by Tripp’s Elmira Star-Gazette, and continued on as the station eventually became WENY. The broadcast originated in the old Mark Twain Hotel (on Gray Street) and provided the listening audience with entertainment by local artists. A new dimension was added in 1973 when the broadcast was televised for the first time from the studios of WENY-TV. In 1991, the annual broadcast changed venues to the Clemens Center’s Powers Theater. The broadcast was a two-hour program until 2000, when an additional hour was added to the uninterrupted show. We are grateful to our broadcast partners for their support in putting the Arctic League on the air!