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  1. Most likely you’re looking at the site right now and wondering what happened. A short while ago I announced I would be making some radical changes to the site. You see when I decided to take a little break from social media this past Summer, it dawned on me that the increased amount of work being put into the site hadn’t really paid off in increased readership. So, rather than try to keep up with reporting pertinent daily news besides arrest reports and press releases, I decided to make some changes. The one gem of this site in my opinion has been the Community Voices section, written by people from across the region. There’s been several times in the past where the idea to make that the featured section of this site and now seems like the perfect time to do so. So we’re going to change format and make Community Voices and the forums, the two features that I think stand out in the local media market and simply can’t be beat. Community Writers now moves to the forefront of the site, giving it the attention I believe it deserves. The forums also will once again become a larger focus of the site. For several reasons, many of the sections will once again be returned to “Members Only”. Consumer surveys done this Summer indicate there’s a wider audience who visit the site often to read what everyone is saying but do not take the time to register an account. I realize that may not be a popular move. But registering for an account is free and requires less information than many other sites. Plus, it’s only fair to those who take the time to contribute their thoughts to ask that others sign in at the very least. And if it encourages increased participation, all the better. As for social media… You know, it’s funny, but five years ago as I was trying to build an audience on outlets like Facebook, the idea of backing away from it on the brink of a landmark number of followers would have struck me as insane. But frankly it’s not really that important to me anymore. Facebook likes and followers has not led to a similar amount of daily readers for this site. Certainly not enough to make it a priority. And honestly, I am tired of the rancor that has become so much a part of the social media experience. So the social media accounts will remain for the purpose of promoting our writers’ work as well as promoting community events as a public service. But that’s it. The focus will be here on the site. So that’s why all the shifting and moving you see taking place. In closing, I want to thank the people who have contributed to this site and supported this endeavor from the day the “OPEN” sign turned on. Without you folks, there’s no way this site would exist and it’s because of you I continue to keep it going.
  2. On Sept 6, 2019, the CDC announced an investigation notice regarding the 450 plus cases of lung illness and five confirmed deaths associated with the use of e-cigarettes. Cases have been identified in 33 states, including New York State. Many patients report using ecigarette products with liquids that contain cannabinoid products, such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Vitamin E acetate is one key focus of the NYS Department of Health’s investigation, although the investigation has not identified any specific substance or e-cigarette product that is linked to all cases. Symptoms of Lung Illness: Patients in this investigation have reported symptoms, including: Cough, shortness of breath or chest pain Nausea, vomiting or diarrhea Fatigue, fever or weight loss. Recommendations for the Public: While the investigation is ongoing, the CDC, FDA, and NYS Commissioner of Health recommend not using e-cigarette products. Anyone using vape products should never use unregulated products purchased "off the street" or modify vape products on their own. If you do use e-cigarette products and experience the above symptoms, seek medical care promptly or call your local poison control center at 1-800-222-1222. The CDC, FDA, state and local health departments, and other clinical and public health partners continue to investigate this outbreak. As the short-term and long-term impacts of e-cigarette use continue to be examined, local towns, cities, and counties can adopt policies to reduce usage rates in their municipalities. For more information, contact the Chemung County Health Department at (607)-737-2856.
  3. Read the rest at https://www.washingtonpost.com/national-security/trump-pronounces-taliban-agreement-dead-and-peace-talks-over/2019/09/09/d302135a-d33f-11e9-9610-fb56c5522e1c_story.html?noredirect=on
  4. Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced the new Upstate Cellular Coverage Task Force, which will develop potential solutions and policies to address the lack of cell service in rural and remote parts of upstate New York. The task force, which the Governor originally proposed as part of the 2019 State of the State, will be administered by Empire State Development. "Every New Yorker should be able to access a stable cell connection, yet our upstate regions have struggled for too long to make the connections that are vital to everyday life and commerce," Governor Cuomo said. "Today we're leading the way forward by establishing a task force of cellular service experts, elected representatives and environmental advocates who will develop concrete policies and help to ensure service is provided and infrastructure for it is built in a sustainable way." The task force consists of industry experts, community leaders, government officials, environmental representatives, and other key stakeholders and has retained Alvarez & Marsal as an advisor. The first meeting of the task force is today. The lack of upstate cellular network coverage undermines economic growth, impacts communications and safety, and inhibits adoption of smart municipal infrastructure. In the Adirondack Park Region and other rural upstate areas with large coverage gaps, the issue of cellular deployment has been a major local concern. The Task Force will review existing policies, potential constraints, and available resources and funding sources including federal support, to develop implementable recommendations for enhancing cellular coverage in unserved areas including the Adirondacks and Catskills. New York State has made historic investments in infrastructure and broadband availability. In 2015, the Governor launched the $500 million New NY Broadband Program to achieve statewide high-speed Internet access. After full implementation of the program, more than 99 percent of New Yorkers will have access to wired broadband.
  5. See the rest at https://www.weny.com/story/41030350/project-plans-continue-to-transform-vacant-lake-st-buildings?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook_WENY_TV_News&fbclid=IwAR1yRqwVuN_D3ogglgX9sy6Q6bp6YYK6ytYhCMvWIJZbcFTLUjdRJOFHmFA
  6. Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today signed legislation (S.2438/A.1213) closing a loophole to give law enforcement access to out-of-state records to help prevent the dangerously mentally ill from obtaining a firearm license in New York. Under current law, individuals can apply for a firearm license in the county in which they reside, regardless of the location of the individual's permanent residence. Before a firearm license is issued, individuals must submit to a background check, but current rules often prevent access to out-of-state records pertaining to people who are dangerously mentally ill, and the National Instant Criminal Background Check System only flags people who have been involuntarily committed.As a result, the current system does not prevent dangerously mentally ill people who have not been involuntarily committed from applying for a firearm license in New York - this new law closes that loophole. Additionally the Governor signed a measure allowing local and state law enforcement officers more access to an individual's information on a firearm license application (S.6160/A.7739). "While Washington stands idly by and allows a gun violence epidemic to tear our nation apart at the seams, causing more and more families to grieve and children to grow up without their parents, New York is leading the way and enacting smart, common sense gun safety laws to help prevent these needless tragedies," Governor Cuomo said. "These measures continue to build on our nation-leading gun laws by helping keep guns out of the hands of dangerous individuals and providing law enforcement with the tools and knowledge they need to keep our communities safe from situations that may involve a deadly firearm." Access to Home State Records (S.2438/A.1213) Individuals can apply for a firearm license in the county in which they reside, regardless of the location of the individual's permanent residence. Before a firearm license is issued, individuals must submit to a background check, but current rules often prevent access and consideration of out-of-state records pertaining to people who are dangerously mentally ill, and the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, or NICS, only flags people who have been involuntarily committed.Therefore, when dangerously mentally ill people who have not been involuntarily committed apply for a firearm license in New York, there is little chance under current law for a complete and thorough background check. This new law closes that loophole by allowing law enforcement to review out-of-state records of dangerously mentally ill people before granting a firearm license. Access to Information on Firearm License Applications (S.6160/A.7739) Under current law, handgun license holders and applicants are able to request that their application information be exempt from public disclosure, which creates a loophole denying law enforcement real-time information that they would otherwise have when responding to a call. Not knowing whether an individual has a gun or if a gun is likely on the premises puts law enforcement officers in potential danger, particularly in domestic violence incidents where they must enter a home without any knowledge of whether a gun is present. This new law grants law enforcement officers access to this critical information, allowing them to take extra precautions to provide for their safety and the safety of others.
  7. Savino's Announces They Are Closing

    In a Facebook post today, Savino's Wine & Liquors announced the store will be closing, citing the continued decrease in business due to construction on Main Street:
  8. See the rest at https://nypost.com/2019/08/23/state-lawmakers-hit-back-at-andrew-cuomos-proposed-license-plate-replacement-fee/
  9. See the rest at https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/exclusive-joe-walsh-announces-republican-primary-challenge-president/story?id=65122073
  10. Earlier today Moody's released a statement about the shared services proposal. Read it in its entirety HERE
  11. Today County Executive Chris Moss released the following:
  12. Read the rest at https://nypost.com/2019/08/05/disturbing-and-embarrassing-cuomo-slams-nypd-cops-over-response-to-water-dousing/
  13. First Arena

    As suggested, here is a separate threa about First Arena. Funding, bank loans, current lease to Can-USA, etc., all open to discussion. As a primer: https://chemungcountymatters.com/2019/06/13/first-arena-an-update/
  14. Ask and you shall receive.
  15. Ideas For Local Activities

    There's been a lot of activities and events in our area over the years. From July 25, 1991 Race Week, Arts In The Park, etc., what are some of the local events from the past you enjoyed? Maybe would like to see return? Or do you have new ideas you'd like to share? ( Our local leaders read this site, so you never know, it could happen! )