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  2. Bookworms

    When I first read “Pillars of the Earth” by Ken Follett I was kind of the same way. That book went everywhere with me. To work, bed, probably even the bathroom lol. It was just that good I couldn’t put it down.
  3. Bookworms

    I read a lot as a kid. And I don't think I did anything else that week. Just read from about 8 in the morning to midnight, only stopping to shower and eat and sleep pretty much. I was pretty much trying to get to the end and find out what happened as fast as possible.
  4. Bookworms

    A week? Good Lord, I couldn’t do that. I get anxious as I get to the end of the stack, so don’t want it to end too quickly.
  5. Bookworms

    Oh definitely! I didn't start Harry Potter until all the books were out (although the last was still at Walmart at the time), so I got to just have a big reading marathon where I finished the series in a week one summer vacation. Then there was no waiting.
  6. The Lost Art Of Braid-In Rugs Parts 1 & 2

    These are great! My mother used to make these braided rugs when I was a kid; came out very nice!
  7. Bookworms

    Recently read a new book at my library, "The Ghost Ships of Archangel: The Arctic Voyage That Defied the Nazis" publ. May 14, 2019, by William Geroux, re: ships bringing war supplies to Russia during WWII in the Arctic waters north of Scandinavia heading east to Russia ports - it was excellent, very well written. Appreciate stories of overcoming life's obstacles and those who made sacrifices in this venture. Never been a fan of fluff novels.
  8. Bookworms

    You know what I like? Discovering a book series where you’re starting out 5-6 books behind. Harry Potter is a good example, I didn’t read it until the first four books were out.
  9. 13 Goat Symptoms You Should NEVER Ignore

    Just a simple change in behavior is what helped us realize Cal was sick last year. Know your animals’ quirks and normal behavior, it could save their life!
  10. There is absolutely no doubt our boys know the color of the coffee can or feed scoop I bring their crimped oats in! And they each have their own behavioral quirks. Brownie, the more dominant of the three, has to rub his head against me. Meanwhile Cal has a habit of taking my finger in his mouth. I’m not sure why, but it could be from when we were force feeding him molasses water when he was on deaths door last year. Tanner, he just kinda hangs out and waits for the food or scratches while the other two are fighting over who gets my attention LOL
  11. Bookworms

    I'm currently about 70% of the way through Letters to Alice by Rosie James, and after that I'll be reading the sequel The Long Road Ahead. The first follows three Land Girls through WWII, and the second follows at least one of the girls after the war is over. I was going to jump straight into Victory Harvest by Marion Kelsey, but I'm trying to save that for the long bus ride I'll be taking up to Ohio next month.
  12. Are You A Locavore?

    Well anymore it seems like no where is safe. Pesticides from here, E. coli from there...
  13. Random Chat

    No kidding, it was more winter back in November. And the dummies on the news keep complaining about when it’s in the 20’s and loving the 40 degree temps. We’re in the northeast guys, it’s Winter. This slogging around in the cold rain and mud sucks. We just got back from taking care of the neighbors horses. We mucked our the stalls a little quicker today so they could come in out of the rain sooner.
  14. Random Chat

    Even I’m ready for Spring. I’m tired of this half way Winter, mild/cold/snow/rain. It’s bad enough dealing with mud in Spring but it seems like we’ve had mud since Fall.
  15. Last week
  16. Are You A Locavore?

    When buying frozen vegetables I check to see where produced. If it’s Mexico or points further south I don’t buy. I’m not sure about those countries use of pesticides.
  17. Are You A Locavore?

    They always get freezer burnt before I use them and the rubber seal on my seal a meal thingy needs replaced.
  18. Are You A Locavore?

    Freezing veggies is pretty easy ya know.
  19. Cheap Fun year Round Treat For Your Flock

    Good idea ... but I can’t help looking at that cabbage as cole slaw for me !!
  20. Are You A Locavore?

    I am if it's at all possible. Since I'm not much for canning or freezing, this time of year I'm buying frozen everything but as soon as local produce of any kind is available I'm there. My beef is local as is my venison and eggs ( )
  21. Bookworms

    I just started reading Auschwitz: A Doctor's Eyewitness Accountby Miklós Nyiszli. Also got a copy of A Craftsman's Legacy: Why Working with Our Hands Gives Us Meaningby Eric Gorges. We watch his show on PBS and enjoy it, so my wife got me to the book to read.
  22. Are You A Locavore?

    We're probably not as much as we could be, but we sure contribute a fair amount. Of course when your family gardens, has chickens, honeybees, etc., how much do you need to buy?
  23. Cheap Fun year Round Treat For Your Flock

    I usually just cut a head in half and toss it on the floor for them. I may try this though, just for something to do.
  24. Are goats smart? And why is it important for goat owners to understand how goats think? We’ve had to learn to be smart, to stay one step ahead of probing muzzles and fiddling lips that find their way into food bins or out of pens. We, their handlers, know how smart goats are. But do we think goat-wise, understanding caprine minds: how they see their environment and us, how they learn, how learning can affect their future experience, and how their experience affects their health and production? To this end, researchers continue to delve into the minds of goats, how they are affected by the production environment, and how they see us and interact with us. In 2017, we have seen published results of studies into cognition, human-goat relationships, reproductive behavior and reaction to intensive conditions. Knowledge of the goats’ perspective enables us to design goat-friendly accommodation and tailor our procedures and handling techniques to reduce stress. Enjoyable, stress-free living will optimize the health and production of our animals—and us too! Learn more here.
  25. Are You A Locavore?

    Are you concerned about where your food comes from? Do you seek out fresh, seasonal, locally grown produce, meats, and other foods? Chances are you are well on your way to becoming a locavore. What is a locavore, exactly? The root of the term lies in the word “local.” It means being conscious of the distance between where food is produced and where it is consumed. A locavore is a person who strives to eat foods grown and produced within a one hundred-mile radius, though the actual distance is determined by what is realistic for you. It’s not only about distance. It’s also about economics and sustainability. Foods on North American plates may travel thousands of miles from farm to fork. Shipping foods over long distances requires more fuel for transportation (consider the air pollution), while buying products close to home supports local farmers and ranchers, builds com- munity, and helps the local economy. Buying from local farmers allows them to experiment with new varieties of fruits and vegetables better suited to the climate and local environment. Building a local market for their meats allows ranchers to raise their animals in an environmentally sound way. Buying locally ensures that foods will be fresher and more nutritious. Local produce doesn’t have to stand up to the rigors of shipping. When grown nearby, melons are allowed more time to ripen on the vine, and corn tastes sweeter when picked the day you eat it. Read the rest here
  26. This is a pretty cool idea, using the eye hook, and I bet you could do this with those "chicken blocks" you see for sale. Although it depends on how hard the molasses or whatever that holds them together is. What kind of treats do you give your birds?
  27. Random Chat

    I really wish Spring would get here so I can get out and play in the dirt, get new pens ready and others rehabilitated.
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